Carina Comer's mission to create sustainable work in the food industry motivated her to get her MBA from Willamette in 2015. She found that employers were unwilling to give her a chance, though, because they couldn't imagine how to tap into the talents of someone who they only saw as a blind cancer survivor.

Carina created a place where anyone who faces a disability can share their talents without restrictions from the outside. She turned her side hustle of baking into a Central Beaverton storefront in 2017, where her food has created a bridge to the community and an inclusive place to celebrate heritage, beliefs and passion through food. Carina uses food to create a bridge of inclusivity that makes Central Beaverton feel more like home, and her bakery is a hub of happiness and a growing movement.

Heather Flynn BA'65
Willamette University

Alumni and Parent Engagement

900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.
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