Endowment Overview

The endowment is essential to the present and future health of Willamette University. Your support helps Willamette University students today and tomorrow. Read below to learn more about the endowment's recent performance from July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022.

Endowed Funds

Individual endowments held by Willamette University.

Fund Number
New funds established in Fiscal Year 2022 21
Total Funds Held 698

Endowment Investment Market Value

Year after year, the endowment generates a dependable stream of income. While FY 2022 was challenging given the inflationary environment, keep in mind that the endowment investment horizon is very long term. Below figures reported in millions.

Endowment Investment Market Value
Figure 1: A bar graph of the endowment value reported in millions. In FY18, the endowment was $254.8 million, FY19 was $253.9 million, FY20 was $246.9 million, $346.9 million and FY22 was $300.3 million.

Endowment Designation

Endowment Designation
Figure 2: A pie chart that shows the endowment by designation. 37.84% of the endowment is designated for Student Financial Aid; 31.83% is designated for Unrestricted Institutional Support; 18.9% is designated for Endowed Faculty Positions; Academic Programs & Research make up 8.10%; Operations & Maintenace of Campus Facilities are 1.87%. All other purposes make up the remaining 1.47%.

Endowment Impact

Annual amount available from endowments to support Willamette students and programs (in millions)

Year Amount
FY18 $10.9
FY19 $11.8
FY20 $14.1
FY21 $14.2
FY22 $14.0
5 Year Total $65.0

Thank You.

Your support enhances Willamette's present and empowers its future. To read more stories about your impact, read our 2022 Impact Report.

Kate Cahill P'13

Kate Cahill P'13, Endowment Committee Chair, Board of Trustees

"The beauty of an endowment fund is that it is perpetual in nature. Consequently, a gift to the endowment today becomes a forever gift, and a timeless commitment to intergenerational equity at Willamette University."

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