A Fire in Her Mind

Project Participants:

Monique Bourque (Director of Health Professions and Student Fellowships) and Jonathan Cole (Theatre) with Mary Rose Branick, William Forkin, Victoria Mohtes-Chan and Jesse Sanchez.

Dissecting Evil

Project Participants:

Sarah Bishop (Russian) and Gaetano DeLeonibus (French) with Josephine Buchwald, Ryan Cornwell, Anna Neshyba and George Zenker.

Streams of Consciousness

Project Participants:

Stephanie Lenox (English) and Elizabeth Perkin (Biology) with Tyler Griswold, JoAnna Hernandez, Anya Romig and Alexandra Wert.

Willamette University

Liberal Arts Research Collaborative

900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.

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