Patricia C. Alley, Delta of Oregon
(Willamette University, 2003 Alumna Member)
Associate Director, Office for Faculty Research and Resources; Secretary-Treasurer, Delta of Oregon
David M. Altman, Beta of Illinois
(University of Chicago)
Assistant Professor of Physics
Chris Andresen, Beta of Colorado
(Colorado College)
Associate Director of International Education
Laura I. Appleman, Delta of Pennsylvania
(University of Pennsylvania)
Associate Professor of Law
W. Warren H. Binford, Epsilon of Massachusetts
(Boston University)
Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Clinical Law Program
Robert Chenault, Beta of Illinois
(University of Chicago)
Assistant Professor of History and Classics
Anna K. Cox, Gamma of South Carolina
(Furman University)
Assistant Professor of Spanish and Film Studies
Karen M. Creswell, Mu of New York
(Vassar College)
Counselor, Bishop Wellness Center
Keith C. Cunningham-Parmeter, Alpha of Oregon
(University of Oregon)
Associate Professor of Law
Caroline L. Davidson, Beta of New Jersey
(Princeton University)
Assistant Professor of Law
Gaetano DeLeonibus, Nu of New York
(Hunter College, CUNY)
Professor of French; Vice President, Delta of Oregon
Jeffrey C. Dobbins, Alpha Iota of Massachusetts
(Harvard University)
Executive Director, Oregon Law Commission and Assistant Professor of Law
Andrew P. Duncan, Beta of Vermont
(Middlebury College)
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Leslie K. Dunlap, Beta of Minnesota
(Carleton College)
Assistant Professor of History
Meredyth Goldberg Edelson, Epsilon of Minnesota
(Macalester College)
Professor of Psychology
Ellen M. Eisenberg, Beta of Minnesota
(Carleton College)
Dwight & Margaret Lear Professor of American History
Greg B. Felker, Epsilon of Massachusetts
(Boston University)
Associate Professor of Politics and International Studies
Steven K. Green, Delta of Texas
(Texas Christian University)
Fred H. Paulus Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Religion, Law, and Democracy
Randall E. Havas, Alpha of California
(University of California, Berkeley)
Professor of Philosophy
Linda S. Heuser, Delta of Oregon
(Willamette University, 2006 Alumna Member)
Professor of Sociology
Roger P. Hull, Delta of Oregon
(Willamette University, 2010 Community Member)
Professor Emeritus of Art History and Senior Faculty Curator at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art
Susan R. Kephart, Eta of Ohio
(Ohio Wesleyan University)
Professor of Biology
Sarah R. Kirk, Beta of Washington
(Whitman College)
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Arminda W. Lathrop, Delta of Oregon
(Willamette University)
Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
Briana LindhContinuing Professor
Melissa E. Marks, Beta of Iowa
(Grinnell College)
Assistant Professor of Biology
Helen L. Mazur-Hart, Zeta of California
(Mills College)
Legal Research and Writing Instructor, College of Law
Mary Beth Mechlin, Epsilon of Ohio
(Ohio State University)
Visiting Professor of Psychology
Melissa Buis Michaux, Omicron of Massachusetts
(Boston College)
Associate Professor of Politics
Gretchen Flesher Moon, Alpha of Oregon
(University of Oregon)
Director of the Writing Center and Professor of English; Associate Dean for Curriculum, Historian, Delta of Oregon
Pamela A. Moro, Alpha of California
(University of California, Berkeley)
Professor of Anthropology
Scott Nadelson, Alpha of North Carolina
(University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Assistant Professor, Hallie Ford Chair in Writing
James A. R. Nafziger, Alpha of Wisconsin
(University of Wisconsin)
Thomas B. Stoel Professor of Law and Director of the International Law Program
Terrance O'Reilly, Gamma of Massachusetts
(Williams College)
Associate Professor of Law
Genevieve B. Orr, Beta of Iowa
(Grinnell College)
Associate Professor of Computer Science
David T. Rigsby, Delta of Oregon
(Willamette University)
Interim Director of Athletics; President, Delta of Oregon
Daniel P. Santos, Delta of Oregon
(2005 Alumnus Member, Willamette University)
Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Administration
Sarah H. Shinn, Delta of Oregon
(Willamette University)
Assistant Director of Student Life, Tokyo International University America
Todd P. Silverstein, Mu of Massachusetts
(Brandeis University)
Professor of Chemistry
Doreen Simonsen, Alpha of Oregon
(University of Oregon)
Humanities and Fine Arts Librarian, Hatfield Library
Nathan Sivers Boyce, Delta of Indiana
(Earlham College)
Associate Professor of Economics
Courtney Stevens, Beta of Oregon
(Reed College)
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Chris Strum, Alpha of Illinois
(Northwestern University)
Faculty Programs Coordinator, College of Law
Abigail Susik, Delta of New York
(Barnard College)
Assistant Professor of Art History
Symeon C. Symeonides, Delta of Oregon
(Willamette University, 2007 Community Member)
Alex L. Parks Distinguished Professor of Law and Dean Emeritus, College of Law
Grant O.Thorsett, Gamma of Washington
(Washington State University)
Professor Emeritus of Biology
Stephen E. Thorsett, Beta of Minnesota
(Carleton College)
President, Willamette University
Valerie Vollmar, Alpha of Oregon
(University of Oregon)
Professor of Law
Ivan Welty, Delta of New York
(Columbia University)
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Willamette University

Phi Beta Kappa Delta of Oregon

900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.

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