Deferring Your Admission

Each year, a handful of students who have been offered first-year admission choose to defer their enrollment to a future entry term.

In order to request to defer enrollment to Willamette, students must:

  • Submit the $500 non-refundable enrollment deposit on the applicant status page by the normal deposit deadline, signifying the student's intent to matriculate.
  • Send an email requesting a defer to and we will send you an online form to complete with further details of your plans for your deferral period.
  • Complete the Request to Defer Form on the applicant status page by July 1.

Terms for approved deferrals

  • The student is required to reply to Willamette’s offer of admission by submitting a $500 non-refundable deposit to hold their place in the future class by May 1, 2022.
  • The student may not submit deferral deposits or hold spaces at any other institution.
  • The student must notify all other colleges to which they have gained admission of their decision to enroll at Willamette.
  • The student may not matriculate and/or enroll on a full-time basis at another college or university during the deferral period. However, students may take limited coursework to maintain academic focus.
  • Deferrals will be granted for first-year students to enroll in the spring semester (January 2023) OR fall semester (August 2023). Requests to defer enrollment for two years will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Should the student choose to apply for admission to other colleges or universities during the deferral period, they will forfeit the deposit paid to Willamette, and must contact Willamette to officially close their application.
  • The student is required to reconfirm their intention to enroll for Fall 2023 no later than February 15 in the year they plan to enroll. Instructions on how to reconfirm will be sent via email in December. Students granted a one semester deferment will be sent instructions in October and must reconfirm their intention to enroll by November 20, 2022.

After a Deferral Request has been Approved

  • We will routinely approve requests provided you satisfy the requirements listed above within 2 weeks from the date the request was submitted.
  • Once a request for deferral has been approved, the student will be notified via email that their application status has been updated.
  • The student will need to login to the applicant status page to view the status of their request.
  • In December (or October for one-semester defers) of the deferral year, the Admissions Office will notify the student, using the email address given in the Request to Defer Form, to complete the Deferral Confirmation Form (available January 1 or November 1) on the applicant status page. The form allows students to reconfirm their intention to enroll in the fall (or spring) class and provide the Admissions Committee with a summary of their experiences during the deferral year. The deadline to complete the Deferral Confirmation Form is February 15 in the year the student plans to enroll (or November 20 for one-semester defers). If the Admissions Office does not hear from the deferred student by the deadline, the student will forfeit the enrollment deposit and a place in the class.
  • Eligibility for merit aid will be matched to the prior year award. While need-based aid generally stays the same, families are required to submit a FAFSA for renewal. FAFSA submission is encouraged by our February 1 priority deadline for new students.
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