Archaeology student and professor at a dig site

Archaeology Field School

Jessica “Jo” Heupel ’14 finds a Neolithic artifact, landing on the cover of British Archaeology and in National Geographic's feature, “Before Stonehenge.”


“The night of time far surpasseth the day, and it is the task of archaeology to light up some parts of this long night with its torch, which burns ever with a clearer flame with each advancing step into the darkness.” — Charles Eliot Norton

Programs Offered: Major, Minor

The only undergraduate archaeology program at a liberal arts college in the West, archaeology at Willamette is exceptional for its interdisciplinary nature and for students’ research opportunities.

Faculty members are experienced field archaeologists who inspire students to dig, to search, to illuminate the shadows in human history. Through the Archaeology Field SchoolCenter for Ancient Studies and ArchaeologyHallie Ford Museum of ArtSalem Society of the Archaeological Institute of America and others, the program incorporates experts from diverse fields and offers myriad opportunities for practical archaeological experience.

The program is designed to prepare students to advance as academic researchers and for professional opportunities in cultural resource management, environmental consulting, law, education, museums, planning, tourism, and other careers around the world.

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