Hogue-Sponenburgh Lecture Series

The Hogue-Sponenburgh Art Lectureship, established and endowed by the late Janeth Hogue-Sponenburgh and Mark Sponenburgh, enables the Willamette University Departments of Art and Art History to bring a noted scholar, artist, critic, curator, or leader in the visual arts to campus each year to deliver a public lecture and to meet informally with students and faculty.

The Sponenburghs were also the generous donors of a collection of more than 200 historical art objects representing five cultural areas worldwide, which the University received in 1990. The donation of this collection was instrumental in forming a foundation for the establishment of Willamette's Hallie Ford Museum of Art, which opened in the fall of 1998. Beginning in 2011, the annual Hogue-Sponenburgh Art Lectureship will be organized in alternate years by the Department of Art and the Department of Art History.

Garrard Conley
Upcoming Lecture

Hogue-Sponenburgh Lecture: Conversation with Garrard Conley (Author of "Boy Erased")

Faith and Identity in Art, Literature and Cinema


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