Thursday Classroom Tales promotes informal conversations about learning, teaching, and curricular development at Willamette University. It brings together colleagues every second Thursday at 4:15 to talk about challenges and successes and to consider new approaches and understandings.

Every semester we commit at least one meeting to an aspect each of general education, of high-impact pedagogies, of technology, of learning differences, and of inclusive pedagogy. However, we welcome requests for presentations and chats, which we will add to the schedule.

Spring 2017

February 16
Add Slack(.com) to your life! My quest for the perfect collaboration tool, Collins 407
  • Michaela Kleinert – Physics
March 2
Helping Students Communicate Effectively in Oral Presentations (Bulleted Lists? No!), Collins 407
  • Chuck Williamson – Chemistry
March 16
What College Colloquium Taught ME about Learning, Teaching, Advising, and Classroom Climate, Collins 407
  • Ellen Eisenberg – CC Director – and CC Colleagues
April 20
Group Exams and Group Senior Theses: New Goals for Group Work
  • Erin McNicholas – Mathematics

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