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Registering for Fall Classes

You must be enrolled in a College Colloquium section to register for your remaining fall courses. If you have not submitted your Colloquium preferences yet, go to the College Colloquium Registration web site and follow the instructions there. You must also complete the Advising and Course Registration Questionnaire. This questionnaire gives us important information that we will use to make a draft schedule for you.

You will register for your remaining fall classes during a phone appointment. (If you do not have an appointment set by June 9, see the answer to question 2 under General Registration FAQ.) A typical appointment lasts between 15 and 45 minutes depending on your questions and preparation. The Advising Counselors will listen to your ideas for courses you'd like to take and offer a draft set of classes based on information from your Questionnaire. Then taking into account time conflicts, placement results, and availability you will be registered for your three remaining fall courses.

We welcome your active participation in selecting your fall classes. This site offers an introduction to general requirements, intended major requirements, and courses offered this fall. In preparation for your appointment, use these materials to choose several courses that you might want to take.


Overview of Willamette's educational requirements

As you consider which classes to enroll in for the fall semester, consider the following overview of Willamette's educational requirements:

  • 31 credits are required for graduation (1 Willamette credit is equivalent to 4 semester hours or 6 quarter hours)
  • Most courses are worth 1 credit
  • Typical credit load is 4 credits taken in academic subjects, although you are considered to be a full-time student if you enroll in at least 3 credits in a semester
  • May take up to 4.5 academic credits per semester before incurring an extra tuition charge
  • Must complete Willamette's General Education Program
  • Must complete the requirements for a major
  • Must complete 21 credits outside of major department
  • Incoming first-year students must take College Colloquium
  • Roughly speaking one third of your courses will be for General Education, one third for your major, and one third will be elective. However, your particular balance between the categories may shift significantly depending on the major you select; AP, IB, or transfer credit;and previous experience in math and foreign language.

Three Basic Elements: general education, the major, and electives

  • General education requirements are designed to expose you to a broad range of subjects and methods of investigation. Study in a language other than English, Distribution requirements, World Engagement, and the Writing Program are all part of general education. You will find a more detailed summary on the General Education Summary page.
  • Whereas general education provides breadth, a major is designed to provide depth in a particular area of inquiry. Majors and major requirements can be found in the catalog or through the departmental sites.
  • Finally, electives provide opportunities for you to select courses on the basis of personal interest.

Registrar's Office

The Registrar’s office exists to facilitate student enrollment and graduation from Willamette University.  It does this by providing high quality services, available when, where, and how constituents need them, to current students, alumni, faculty, staff and the general public.

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Current Catalog

The catalog is designed to give prospective and current students, advisors, faculty, and friends of Willamette University an accurate picture of the curriculum, faculty, environment, and related subjects. 

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Fall Course Schedule

Class Schedules provide easy access to undergraduate courses offered by academic departments.

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