The Honor Code of Willamette University


We the students, recognizing a need for student responsibility in the area of moral, academic growth do establish this Honor Code to secure the tradition of academic richness and rigor deserved by Willamette University.

Personal Excellence

We will hold ourselves to the highest standards of moral, academic excellence. We will proudly submit only our original work. We will never attempt to give ourselves or others an unfair advantage. We will commit to upholding our honor and the value of our work. Through this commitment we will serve as an example to our peers.

Communal Trust

A partnership amongst students and faculty is central to the creation of ideas and the growth of individuals and community. The Willamette Ethic establishes that trust is the cornerstone of this partnership. The faculty should expect that we students will hold ourselves accountable in order to prevent dishonesty. Together we will pursue an excellence unattainable alone.


This honor code enables students to take responsibility for their moral growth. As a student body we bear the burden of keeping each other accountable to the moral excellence we expect of ourselves. If there is an alleged violation of the honor code and internal resolutions are unsuccessful, the issue should be referred to the Honor Council. The Honor Council will have authority to investigate the claim, hear the student’s defense and render a decision on the matter.

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