Program Information


The International Studies major is offered through an interdisciplinary program which integrates social, economic, political, and historical perspectives in the dramatic trends toward increased interdependence among societies across the world, as well as the evolving patterns of convergence and divergence, cooperation and conflict to which they give rise. It seeks to develop an appreciation of the fact that many problems or issues typically regarded as domestic or distinct to individual countries can no longer be understood or resolved without consideration of the global or comparative contexts. The program also equips majors with a grounding in a specific non-English language as a key tool for better comprehending international issues.

International Studies majors are strongly encouraged to take advantage of study abroad opportunities.

The International Studies major is prepared to enter graduate training in various fields of international relations, public policy, inter-cultural communication, business, education, and more. Careers in international policy making, government, development, and business are often sought as well as careers in teaching, journalism and related fields.

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