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Gain the linguistic skills and cultural knowledge you need to help cultivate a more just society.

Our Spanish program is your passport to un buen futuro. Whether you’re new to learning Spanish or a native speaker, Willamette will give you countless opportunities for personal and academic growth.

You’ll learn about the diverse Spanish-speaking cultures of Latin America, Spain and the U.S. through course offerings on language, literature and cinema. You’ll also have a chance to study abroad and work in the local community. These experiences will help you hone your language skills, gain professional experience and broaden your cultural understanding. 

Whatever path you choose, you’ll be in high demand as a proficient Spanish speaker and well-prepared for an array of careers, including social service, health care, law, business, community organizing and education. You’ll be at the forefront of creating a more interconnected world. 

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Featured Alumni


Phoebe Keever '07

  • Traveled to 95 countries by age 32; goal is to travel to all 195
  • Majored in Spanish and spent junior year in Uruguay and Argentina
  • Sought work as a teacher and volunteer to fulfill her desire for service
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