Colleen Lanki

Guest Artist, Choreographer

Colleen Lanki (Choreographer. Performer, Director) Lanki is currently Adjunct Professor at the University of bristich Columbia. She has been performing onstage since she was five. She began in musical reviews and music hall (it's true!), extended into other theatre styles through her training and the beginnings of her professional career, and now concentrates on experimental theatre, interdisciplinary work, and intercultural performance practice. She lived and worked in Tokyo, Japan for years, and specializes in the study and performance of noh and nihon buyoh, the creation of performances using these forms and aesthetics, and in directing contemporary Asian scripts.

Her current areas of research are: interdisciplinary performance exploring technology and location, the use of space and time in performance, performance and choreography blending traditional and contemporary themes and forms, contemporary Asian scripts (performance and translation). Much of this research is based in practice - performance, direction, and choreography. She has been actively presenting writing based on her practical research at conferences in North America and overseas, and has been published in print and online journals.