Tuesday, January 17

9:15 am-10:00 am
ICL Welcome Back Coffee, Kaneko Lobby
Come celebrate the return of ICL classes for spring semester
Come celebrate the first blooms of winter
Come enjoy healthy(!) cookies, coffee, tea, and Half n Half!
10:00 am-12:00 pm
"Some Idiocies and Oddities of the English Language," Calvin Steck [Jinx Brandt], Kaneko Auditorium
steck-calvin.jpeg Today we shall explore a small variety of out-of-the-way phenomena which pop up on occasion when we least expect them. They are not too terribly common, but they show up, they do push us to wonder why they are they, and why they are there. As should be well expected, these phenomena have their roots in the oddest of places, and consequently cross a variety of borders. Be prepared to break out of American monolingualism, but be assured the guide knows the way, and you will get home safely.

Such studies of the etiologies of these phenomena often turn out to have the ability to address some current knottinesses and conundra: e.g., why the plural of the automobile known as Prius is not Prii, but Priora; and why the neologism-gone-amok, kudos, is not plural, but singular, with the plural being kudoi (hint: Hector and Achilles would be so confused as would Homer himself!).

Then we wrestle with what may be one of the most serious issues of the our time. No definitive answer will be given, as that would be completely contrary to the nature of the problem, but we shall seek at the least to deepen our awareness of a number of concerns, needs, and viewpoints. In the end, it will be up to all of us, you and I, and those who tag along after us to work out the way(s) in which we might wish to go.

The Rev’d Calvin Kingsley Steck is a Retired Priest (Episcopal Church), Educator, and Theologian •Teacher of World Languages Ancient and Modern (High School) •Music Director and Conductor (Small Chamber Orchestra)
1:00 pm–3:00 pm
"Salem Public Library’s Best Books 2022," Alice MacGougan, Emily Byers, and Shandra Smith [Jinx Brandt], Kaneko Auditorium

Alice MacGougan Librarians Emily Byers, Alice MacGougan, and Shandra Smith will share the best books of 2022 as voted on by library staff, library patrons, and critics. This fun and dynamic presentation will be followed by an overview of the renovated downtown library building and the library’s current services and programs.

Thursday, January 19

10:00 am-11:00 am
"Mobile Crisis Units in Salem," Vanessa Nordyke [Cindy Kimball], Kaneko Auditorium

nordykeVanessa Nordyke will discuss the history and local, state, and national efforts to bring mobile crisis teams to meet modern public safety needs

Vanessa Nordyke is a mental health advocate, Salem City Councilor and soon-to-be Executive Director of CASA of Marion County, a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for at-risk youth. As a Salem City Councilor (an unpaid, non-partisan position), Vanessa has increased affordable housing for low-income seniors, families, veterans and persons with disabilities. She has increased services and shelter resources for persons struggling with mental illness and persons experiencing homelessness.

Before joining City Council in 2019, Vanessa served as the youngest-ever elected President of the Oregon State Bar in 2018. As OSB President, Vanessa made wellness a top priority.

Born and raised in Oregon, Vanessa graduated from South Salem High School in 1998 and graduated from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service with a Bachelor of Science in International Political Economy in 2002. After graduating from the University of Oregon School of Law in 2008, Vanessa was admitted to the prestigious Honors Attorney Program with the Oregon Department of Justice, where she worked for fourteen years as a civil rights attorney.

11:00 am-12:00 pm
"What Does the Board Do?" Joan Robinson, Kaneko Auditorium
robinson An introduction to members of the ICL Board of Directors and explanation of what their jobs are.
1:00 pm–3:00 pm
"Scenic and Costume Design for Film and Theatre: a conversation about connecting to the audience," William Bloodgood and Kristine Berg [Deborah Warren], Kaneko Auditorium

Kris Berg   bloodgood-william.jpeg  

Bill and Kris will share their motivation and process for how they interpret a story and bring the audience to a deeper understanding of the primary visual questions one has when viewing a performance: where are we, who are we, and what is happening?

Kristine Berg has been employed as an artisan and designer in theatre, film, and television for 47 years. She began her career as a Properties Artisan at Oregon Shakespeare Festival and continued as an artisan and Properties Manager at Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Long Wharf Theatre, Intiman Theatre, and Seattle Children’s Theatre. She has also worked as a Properties Artisan in Cape Town, South Africa with the Cape Provincial Arts Board.
Kristine and her husband moved to Cape Town in 2006, where she made a shift from theatre props to film and television costumes. She has been employed as a costume ager, textile artist, special costume maker, and costume designer. She resides in Corvallis when not on location elsewhere.

William Bloodgood has designed the scenery for over 275 productions in many theatres in the United States. He served as Resident Scenic Designer for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival for 32 years.
The quality of Mr. Bloodgood's work has been widely acknowledged by regional and national critics and by his peers within the theatrical community. Awards and honors include many from the San Francisco Bay Area Critics Circle, Drama-Logue Magazine, and the Garland Awards in Los Angeles. In 2002 he was honored in Oregon with the Governor's Award for the Arts.

Tuesday, January 24

10:00 am-12:00 pm
"Civil Litigation: Tales from the Trenches," Dave Markowitz [Ann Boss], Kaneko Auditorium
 markowitz David Markowitz, one of the most prominent trial lawyers in the Northwest, will share true courtroom stories (at least as true as any trial lawyer can be) from almost 50 years of civil trials.

He will discuss what he’s learned about: jury selection; opening statements and closing arguments; witness direct and cross-examination; video depositions, PowerPoint, and other courtroom visual presentations; and jury deliberations, decisions, and appeals.

Dave will share his favorite case, best and worst trial results, some of his favorite experiences in the courtroom, terrible strategic decisions, and his recurring trial nightmare. He will reveal how lawyer performance can win or lose cases.

David Markowitz is the co-founder of the litigation boutique law firm Markowitz Herbold. In his forty-eight years of practice, Dave has successfully tried hundreds of lawsuits and arbitrations to conclusion and has been the lead counsel in numerous high-stakes, precedent-setting matters. He has been a fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers since 1991, and in 2010 he was inducted into the International Academy of Trial Lawyers. He has received the highest possible rating by Chambers USA, Best Lawyers in America, and Super Lawyers.

In addition to his active trial schedule, Dave shares his craft with lawyers of all levels. He is a frequent lecturer on litigation-related topics for state, local, and federal bars across the country and in Canada.

1:00 pm–3:00 pm
"Sikh Religion, History, and Customs," Navneet Kaur [Robert Muir], Kaneko Auditorium

What is Sikhism? Navneet Kaur will provide us with an introduction, beginning with some historical and terminological background, then covering the basic tenets of this religion. She will then relate some of the Sikh cultural and religious observances. Finally, she will discuss the Sikh community in Oregon.

 Navneet Kaur moved to Salem in 2004. Since then she has been actively involved in various community projects and was a member of Human Rights and Relations Advisory Committee for many years besides being on various other boards and committees fighting for social justice.

She started her teaching career in Lodi California as a high school teacher in 2002 and has taught both middle and high school before becoming a college instructor. Currently, she teaches at Linn Benton Community College.

In 2018 she got involved with Innovation Law Lab and soon became an integral part of their pro bono project-known as the Sheridan Project-that helped free over a hundred immigrant detainees from Federal Correctional Institute in Sheridan, Oregon. Since then she has served on the board of Innovation Law Lab. Besides being a member of Dasmesh Darbar Sikh temple, she is also a member of Sikh Seva Foundation.

Thursday, January 26

10:00 am-11:00 am
"Treating A Pandemic-Sized Depression Crisis in Oregon," Y. Pritham Raj [Brenda Kidder], Kaneko Auditorium
 raj It's been almost three years since the start of COVID, and we are only now beginning to understand the profound effects on mental health. An October 2022 survey by CNN and the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 90% of Americans believe our country is in a mental health crisis with nearly half of the adults saying that they've experienced a severe mental health crisis in their family.
In this presentation, Y. Pritham Raj, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Active Path Mental Health, will discuss the current state of mental health in America, how we've found ourselves in the middle of a new crisis and what we can do to help friends and loved ones begin to find relief from depression. Starting with the history of the use of antidepressant therapy, Dr. Raj will share current screening guidelines for depression, and exciting developments in brain stimulation therapies including transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), vagus nerve stimulation (VNS), and esketamine.

11:00 am-12:00 pm
"Understanding the Inventions That Changed the World, Video Lecture: Great Inventions in Everyday Life," W. Bernard Carlson [Jinx Brandt], Kaneko Auditorium
inventions-that-saved-the-world.jpg  We're surrounded by great inventions that have transformed our daily lives, from the steam engine to the Internet. Begin your exploration of great inventions by considering just how pervasive inventions truly are. Do we notice them in the world around us? Do we know how they work? Who invented them, and why?

Understanding the Inventions That Changed the World is a Great Courses DVD series introduced by W. Bernard Carlson, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Engineering and Society, University of Virginia. Professor Carlson is an expert on the role of innovation in American history; his research focuses on the inventors, engineers, and managers who used technology to create new systems and enterprises. This series starts with the development of the potter’s wheel and concludes with the changes brought to the world with the Internet.

1:00 pm-3:00 pm
No Class

No Class

Tuesday, January 31

10:00 am-11:00 am
"Music as a Mirror of History, Video Lecture: Shostakovich: Symphony No.13 (1962)," Professor Robert Greenberg, San Francisco Performances [Solveig Holmquist], Kaneko Auditorium
 greenberg-robert.jpgDmitri Dmitriyevich Shostakovich was born on September 25,1906, in St. Petersburg,which was then the capital city of the Russian Empire. He was a witness to the birth of the Soviet Union and subsequently lived in an environment that Westerners can hardly imagine. Like so many artists in the Soviet Union, Shostakovich publicly said that his work meant one thing while privately acknowledging that it meant something else. At the heart of Shostakovich's secret expressive language were satire and irony, with which the fifth movement of his Symphony #13 veritably oozes.

11:00 am-12:00 pm
"The Full Meal Deal ," Solveig Holmquist [Solveig Holmquist], Kaneko Auditorium
 Holmquist, Solveig2.jpgAfter examining the historical context, Yevgeny Yevtushenk's text, and excerpts of this masterful symphony by Shostakovich, it would be a travesty to spend this second hour in any way other than by listening to the 13th Symphony in its entirety.

Dr. Holmquist majored in voice and organ at St. Olaf College in Minnesota, singing with the renowned St. Olaf Choir. She holds a Master’s degree in Music Education from Western Oregon University, and a DMA in Music Education and Choral Conducting from the University of Oregon. She is a distinguished member of the Institute for Continued Learning.
1:00 pm–3:00 pm
"Tech Talk #1: How to... Where is... and FAQs," GwenEllyn Anderson, Dave MacMillan [ICL members], Kaneko Auditorium

 macmillan_david.jpg anderson_gwenellyn.jpg

Bring your laptop, tablet computer (iPad), or phone! We'll go over setting up a Willamette U. network account and log onto the campus WiFi; tour Willamette's and ICL's websites, including where to find recorded ICL presentations, how to submit a presentation suggestion to the Curriculum Committee; and more! Plus frequently asked questions and questions from the floor.
Note that this presentation was supposed to happen last September, but was canceled due to illness.

GwenEllyn Anderson became a member of ICL in Sept. 2017 and became Technical Services Director in December 2018.
Dave MacMillan joined ICL in January 2012, served as Technical Services Director and is now the Information Services Director.

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