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2023 Commencement speaker

ophir.jpgOphir El-Boher

Ophir El-Boher is an artist, designer, and arts educator focused on the ecological, cultural, and social aspects of hyper-consumerism. Her work is dedicated to the healing of Earth from the wounds of capitalism.

Using primarily reclaimed materials Ophir exemplifies arts and crafts as means to eliminate waste, and as consumption alternatives. Through exhibitions and public speaking, she is helping to grow awareness of the wicked problem of textile waste, helping to shift the paradigm to a sustainable future. Through participatory art projects, and educational work, she is activating passive consumers to reclaim material culture.

Starting as an upcycling fashion designer, Ophir is currently expanding her practice to other media, delivering Mother Earth’s message of healing to amplified audiences. She believes in humanity’s ability to reconnect and repair, championing collaboration to awaken human creativity and joy.

Ophir holds a B.Ed from Kibbutzim Seminar in Tel Aviv, and is a graduate of the Collaborative Design MFA program at PNCA. Her work has been shown in regional fashion shows, art galleries around the US and abroad, the Maryhill and the REACH museums, as well as in national and international publications.

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