Center for Religion, Law and Democracy

The Willamette University Center for Religion, Law and Democracy draws on Willamette’s historic and ongoing strengths as a church-affiliated college committed to academic excellence and public service. It takes an interdisciplinary approach devoted to the exploration of the role of religion in law and in public life.

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The center takes full advantage of Willamette’s location adjacent to the Oregon State Capitol. Students and faculty from the College of Arts & Sciences and the College of Law teach, write and engage in these issues on a continuing basis.

In past years, the colleges have worked with renowned professors from across the globe to discuss Muslim identities, the politics of Jesus in American culture, and Obamacare’s contraceptive care mandate. The center has funded scholarly research, internships and curriculum development. And the center has hosted symposia and lectures — touching on issues ranging from the growth of the radical right to the constitutional and legal issues surrounding religious arbitration.

Willamette University

The Center for Religion, Law and Democracy

Oregon Civic Justice Center
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