Certificate in Dispute Resolution

Apo Nani

Certificate in Dispute Resolution beneficial for all law students, alumnae say

Working as a receptionist at a veterinary hospital in Portland, Nani Apo JD'13 heard all kinds of complaints. Apo learned to listen and communicate, becoming adept at solving customers’ issues at the vet. She heard about the Certificate Program in Dispute Resolution, and her curiosity piqued.

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The Certificate Program in Dispute Resolution, administered by the law school's Center for Dispute Resolution, provides a substantial foundation in mediation and negotiation for all law students. The program is particularly valuable for those students interested in a deep exploration of problem-solving, deal-making and decision theory. Courses within the program are also useful for those uninterested in mediation and arbitration and provide solid training for future transactional lawyers.

The certificate program requires 15 hours (plus one law elective and externship hours) of specialized study as part of the 90 hours required to earn the JD as described in the course requirements and learning outcomes.  Students enrolled in the program develop vital expertise in negotiation, mediation, arbitration, trial process, and conflict theory. Students learn practical and theoretical components of dispute resolution and the negotiation techniques needed to readily prevent and quickly resolve a broad range of legal disputes.

Admission to the Program

Participation in the certificate program is open to JD students, as well as qualifying Willamette MBA students and members of the community, but enrollment may be limited based on course availability. Interested students enroll in the introductory Alternative Dispute Resolution course offered in the spring semester of their 1L year.

Applications are due from students at the end of their 1L year, by July 1, with admission decisions made in mid-July. Only the applications of students who have a 2.7 GPA or better will be considered for admission to the certificate program.

Criteria for Admission

To enter in the certificate program, a student must submit the online application and be admitted to the program. To be admitted, in addition to having a minimum 2.7 GPA, students must do the following:

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