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MBA Career Management at Willamette

The MBA career development center connects students and alumni career advising with the larger business, government, and non-profit community.

Since Willamette is the oldest university on the West Coast, students can tap into an expansive network. Many alumni reside in states like Oregon, Washington, and California, but we have connections throughout the country and the globe. Students can explore careers in different sectors, including business, not-for-profit, and public sectors.

How does Willamette's career development center stand out?

We focus on preparing students for a career through education and experiences. Willamette seamlessly integrates career planning strategies, interviewing skills, and negotiating ability with the curricular and co-curricular opportunities in our MBA programs.

Our career management staff delivers personalized support. They help students identify their goals and prepare for successful career transitions. Access to career services begins the summer before enrollment and is available to our current students and alumni.

Career services are delivered in different ways based on the MBA program for which a student is enrolled. For example, students in our evening MBA for Professionals (MBA-P) program grow through seminars and individualized support. Students in our full-time MBA program participate in the first-year PACE program, which formally integrates career tools into the curriculum. Both programs offer career counseling sessions, seminars, and career fairs.

We support the job search for MBA students

We offer ample activities to build your job search skills, open doors, and strengthen your network. Regardless of the career path you're interested in, you can count on our support to help you navigate the challenges of the job market.

  • Events and associations on campus

    Participate in activities and events to learn more about available career opportunities and build your network. Willamette offers a variety of events and activities such as:

    Many of these events provide an opportunity to meet with employers in small groups. Students can also join a student organization and build connections specific to their long-term career goals.
  • Internship opportunities

    The Willamette full-time MBA program provides students with up to three semesters of academic credit for their internship experience. Most students complete an internship between their first year and many continue into their second year of study. Students often find post-graduation full-time employment options through their internships.

    Willamette's Career Services will support your search for an internship opportunity that fits your interests and career goals. Whether you're interested in financial services, supply chain management, marketing, or even becoming a management consultant, we'll help make the most of your search.

  • Mentorship

    Secure a formal mentorship program for ongoing support, job shadowing, and even networking opportunities. Connect with someone on a deeper level and discuss career advice within your business field.

    Count on MBA Career Management services to help find a mentor that matches your interests and personality.

  • MBA for Life
    All Willamette MBA alumni can register for select courses within the MBA program for free and for life. If your career aspirations change or you're interested in an emerging topic, you can continue your educational journey.

    This allows students to pivot with technology changes, acquire new skills, and broaden their knowledge. Learn more about our MBA for Life program to continue learning long after graduation.
  • Employment results

    Willamette's full-time MBA program delivers a great return on investment. Many students accept a job offer before graduation, and the majority of students are fully employed within 90 days of graduation.

    Willamette MBA graduates have secured jobs with companies like Honda, Intel, Moss Adams, Fisher Investments, Adobe Systems, and other organizations. Review the recent employment report to learn more about salary ranges, job offer statistics, and even business function data.

    Students in Willamette’s MBA for Professionals program are typically employed when they enter the program. Many students receive promotions during their MBA program and some will change employers after graduation.

  • Additional resources

    Students utilize the Career Management office in several other ways. We can help with:

    • Career counseling
    • Networking
    • Employment recruitment and referral
    • Interview training
    • Resume writing
    • Salary negotiation
    • Self-assessment
    • Information interviews
    • Job search skills
    • Mock interviews
    • Career coaching

    Students also have access to career-related assessment tools like CareerLeader. CareerLeader helps students identify their interests, strengths, skills, and work-culture style. These insights help students make better career decisions and choices. Career management staff help students evaluate and interpret the results of Career Leader.

Learn more about career services

Start your journey with the MBA Career Management office at Willamette. We offer support to students at our Portland and Salem campuses. Find additional information for students, alumni, and ECCC prospective students.

Connecting employers with talent

Willamette is interested in partnering with companies that are interested in talented candidates. We want to help connect employers with our MBA candidates and alumni. This is why we offer on-campus interviews, career fairs, company site visits, and a job board for students.  We invite corporate recruiters, small businesses, government organizations and non-profit companies to host company site visits and participate in our panels and mock interviews to gain exposure to our candidates.

We also invite employers to participate in the extensive internship program of our Early Career/Career Change full-time MBA program. Hiring an intern is a great way to recruit for your company’s future talent, and contributes to the professional experience of students getting started in a new career.

Career services for Employers

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