Shields’ delicious tribute

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CNET recently served Nathan Shields' video, “Leonard a pancake,” atop its weekly “Must Read” section.

This isn’t the first time a reporter’s dished Shields’ pancake portraits. In September, NBC’s “Today" called his Beatles portraits a “fab four feast.”

Before that, he whipped up pancakes for Rachel Ray and the hosts of “FOX & friends.”

These are just a sampling of the culinary creations you’ll find on Shields’ YouTube channel.

Why video? When people wondered if his pancakes were really fake-cakes, he recorded his pancake-making process. Not only did his videos show Shields was legit, they demonstrate the public’s appetite for his work. “Pancake Apes!” is approaching 1.5 million YouTube views, and his Facebook Page has almost 50,000 likes.

What started as family breakfast has turned into a batter-based business for the '02 math and computer science grad. An award-winning teacher, Shields left the classroom to be an at-home parent and freelance illustrator. He’s also working on a “Pangraph,” a device that uses gears to create geometric patterns in pancake batter.

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