Willamette’s institutional advertisement lands at PDX

by Marketing & Communications,

Next time you’re catching a flight at Portland International Airport you’ll notice a new Willamette presence in the terminal. Two institutional advertisements are proudly displayed at the exit of Concourses D/E and in the central area of Concourse C.

The airport ads are part of a collaborative effort described in the university’s recently adopted Institutional Marketing Plan to promote Willamette as an institution. All three schools are highlighted in the ad, with a link to a landing page with more information and additional “firsts” for each program. The landing page is designed in the new web template, foreshadowing this summer’s launch of Willamette’s renewed website.

The background of the ad includes a map of Oregon that moves from modern to historic as the viewer scans from left to right, framing Willamette’s historical roots in Oregon and future-focused initiatives.

More institutional advertising is planned featuring the bold and provocative “First” theme.

Next time you’re in PDX, check out the ads and perhaps take a selfie with it using the hashtag #WillametteFirst.

Portland International Airport

Portland International Airport

Willamette University

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900 State Street
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