Marijuana and Measure 91

by Adam Torgerson,

Law and policy prohibit its possession or use on campus.

Though the State of Oregon has begun the process to regulate recreational marijuana use pursuant to Measure 91, it remains illegal according to federal law, and its prohibition is a condition of Willamette University’s federal funding. As a result, possession or usage of marijuana on campus violates the student Standards of Conduct and Willamette’s employment policies.

The State of Oregon has set up a website to learn more about what’s legal in Oregon and what’s not, such as possession by people under 21 years of age, public use and driving under the influence. Employers, insurers and others may still prohibit its use. FAQs are available through the Oregon Liquor Control Commission and the White House.

Information about Willamette’s conduct policies or procedures can be directed to Lori Johnson, director of the Office of Rights and Responsibilities, at (503) 370-6212. Information about Willamette’s employment policies should be directed to Human Resources at (503) 370-6210.

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