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Barbara (Simon) Bunney CLA’61 loves Willamette. She also loves the security of a steady monthly check during her retirement years.

Barbara and her husband Will CLA’59 funded a $250,000 charitable gift annuity with Willamette in 2012. Although Will has passed away, the annuity continues to pay Barbara more than $1,000 per month for as long as she lives. At the end of her life, the annuity gift that the Bunneys funded will be divided equally between the Class of 1959 Distinguished Faculty Chair and the Class of 1961 Scholarship. Noting the monthly income, generous tax benefits, and substantial contribution to Willamette, Barbara says the gift annuity is “a real win-win for me and for Willamette. I encourage all Willamette alumni to take advantage of gift annuities.”

The Bunneys started funding gift annuities at Willamette with their first for $25,000 in 2010. They enjoyed the income and tax benefits so much, they have funded five gift annuities since that time, including the largest mentioned above.

The Bunneys experienced the power of life-income gifts earlier in their lifetimes, as well. In 2005, the Bunneys funded a charitable remainder trust with real estate. The trust provides lifetime income to Barbara and, ultimately, will establish the Bunney Scholarship Fund as well as provide additions to the Class of 1959 Distinguished Faculty Chair and the Class of 1961 Scholarship.

For more information on how a charitable gift annuity might benefit you, your family and Willamette, too, contact Lori Hoby CPA, Senior Director of Gift Planning, or Cathy McCann Gaskin JD, Associate Director of Gift Planning.

Barbara and her husband Will Bunney

Barbara and her husband Will Bunney

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