Taneesh Sra ’16, MBA '17 develops a winning strategy through golf, MBA program

by Erin Dahl ,

Taneesh Sra ’16, MBA '17 began golfing because she didn’t like to run.

  • Taneesh Sra ’16, MBA '17
    Taneesh Sra ’16, MBA '17 participates in team-building exercises with her sorority sisters at Willamette.
  • Taneesh Sra ’16, MBA '17
    “In golf, you learn where to hit the ball and where the dangers are around every hole,” Sra says. “Half the game is strategy.”

She was 10 years old. Her parents wanted her to play a sport, and Sra refused to tackle or chase anyone. So, at her father’s prompting, Sra tried golf.

“In golf, you learn where to hit the ball and where the dangers are around every hole,” Sra says. “Half the game is strategy.”

Strategy has served Sra well at Willamette. It helped her improve her swing, hone her leadership skills and discover her love for numbers. Now, through Willamette’s BA/MBA program, the economics major is busy planning her next move: earning her BA and her MBA in five years instead of the usual six. 

“The corporate world is fast and growing. It needs younger people to replace the retiring Baby Boomers,” Sra says. “Graduating a year early is a definite advantage.”

Balancing Act 

Attracted by Willamette’s small size and tight-knit community, Sra began exploring the university’s many offerings when she enrolled as a freshman.

She joined the women’s golf team, where she competed in nine tournaments as a sophomore, averaging 83.6 strokes per round. This year, she became team captain and was selected to the First Team All-Northwest Conference.

Sra also joined Pi Beta Phi, became the female ambassador for Sigma Chi Fraternity and worked as a tour guide for the Office of Admission. Through each outlet, she forged new relationships and learned how to prioritize her responsibilities.

When he met her four years ago, Coach Patrick Daugherty noticed Sra’s strong work ethic. Describing her as optimistic, charismatic and thoughtful, he says Sra has the unique ability to remain calm even during stressful circumstances.

“Taneesh is a very organized, directional person,” Daugherty says. “When she sets a goal, she gets to work.”

Data Driven

Intrigued by financial trends, Sra has immersed herself in economics classes at Willamette. She completed two summer internships with Oracle — a computer technology corporation headquartered in California — and she started her first MBA year in the university’s 3-2 dual-degree program.

Sra says the program gives her a focused degree in finance and data analysis, which will help her gain a foothold in the financial industry. Finishing early means she’ll also benefit from an extra year of earning power and chances for better jobs earlier in her career.

“Although the program is challenging, it’s not impossible,” she says. “If you can balance your responsibilities, you’ll be a stronger person. You’ll be better prepared for the real world.”

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