Campus Life office broadens scope to better serve students’ needs

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The office is a hub to connect students with services, programs and resources across campus.

Support for the entire student experience — that’s the focus of the newly expanded Office of Campus Life, says Ed Whipple ’74, vice president for campus life.

Since June, Whipple has been working with leaders in the offices of Academic Affairs, Parent and Alumni Relations, and Student Support and Standards to improve and expand Campus Life’s offerings, especially services that focus on student engagement, retention and overall health and wellness.

“We’ve got a lot of resources. As with many institutions, students aren’t aware of them until they need them,” Whipple says. “We’re here to help them make connections, be successful and feel a part of the community. That’s the goal.”

With the updated structure, students can direct their questions or needs to the Campus Life office, which will serve as the hub to connect them with services, programs and resources noted in the list below.

Whipple is taking advantage of Campus Life’s proximity to Academic Affairs — both are located on the third floor of the University Center — to create a bridge between the curricular and cocurricular aspects of Willamette life. Whipple and Carol Long, senior vice president for academic and student affairs, are working together to create a more seamless connection between these two elements of the student experience.

Title IX services reinforce a team-based approach

As part of an effort to boost campus-wide assistance for students and the university community, the student support services team has merged into Campus Life. They are in the offices next to Whipple.

“This raises the visibility of support and advocacy and Title IX services, not just for students in distress but for those who need help with anything,” Whipple says. “We will be a collaborative space to help students get where they need to go. We’re here to help them be successful.”

Domanic Thomas, senior associate dean of students, serves as the university’s deputy Title IX coordinator. According to Thomas, the revised structure provides a team approach for assisting students who have experienced sexual misconduct or assault.

Thomas continues to coordinate the Title IX investigation process with Lori Johnson, director of rights and responsibilities, and Jackie Balzer, Title IX coordinator. Carli Rohner, advocacy and prevention coordinator, is the office’s designated confidential resource for students and others seeking assistance.

To make it less intimidating for students who want a confidential meeting, Rohner’s office is in a new location — UC 329 — separate from the rest of Campus Life.

Outreach to families

Campus Life is also working with the staff in Alumni and Parent Relations to absorb services offered to students’ parents and family members, including addressing specific questions about the student experience at Willamette and coordinating the discussion on the parents’ Facebook group. The Alumni and Parent Relations team will continue to work with the Parent Leadership Council and other development and fundraising efforts related to families.

“Many parent questions are related to Campus Life functions,” Thomas says. “We are prepared to address parental needs, answering their questions and supporting students in the ways their families expect.”

Campus Life will also take over the Parent Information Line — 503-375-5489 — and the “Parent Corner” newsletter. The office will also work closely with admissions to assist with the families of prospective students.

The reorganized Office of Campus Life includes Vice President for Campus Life Ed Whipple, Senior Associate Dean of Campus Life and Deputy Title IX Coordinator Domanic Thomas, Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities Lori Johnson, Advocacy and Prevention Coordinator Carli Rohner, Administrative Program Coordinator Tori Ruiz, and an open position that will be filled, director of campus life operations.

Campus Life oversees additional cocurricular programs and services including Bishop Wellness Center (including student health and counseling), Intercollegiate Athletics, Student Activities, Housing and Community Life, Multicultural Affairs, Campus Recreation and the Office of Chaplains. Campus Life also supports TIUA’s cocurricular offerings.

Title IX reporting, advocacy and other confidential resources for students

Sexual assault is an issue in every community. Willamette University is committed to being at the forefront of institutions confronting this issue.

Sexual misconduct in any form is a direct violation of Willamette’s commitment to confronting sexual assault. Misconduct of any form will not be tolerated, whether it occurs on or off campus and regardless of who is involved.

Students seeking a confidential meeting with Carli Rohner should email her directly or call the main Campus Life line — 6911 — and ask for Rohner. They do not need to say why or provide their name to anyone but Rohner.

If you experience an on-campus emergency, contact Campus Safety at 503-370-6911.

Students, who have been sexually assaulted or experienced sexual misconduct of any form and wish to make a formal Title IX report can do so in the Campus Life office or fill out this form online.

It’s important to note that the online reporting form is not confidential. It’s a formal reporting mechanism where non-confidential people, such as members of the Title IX or Campus Life teams, might be made aware to assess possible safety threats or to determine the best team member to serve as a neutral investigator for the person making the report.

Students seeking confidential assistance on campus have the following resources available.

Confidential Title IX advocacy

Carli Rohner, advocacy and prevention coordinator
Office: UC 329

Additional confidential resources on campus

Bishop Wellness Center

Office of the Chaplains

Sexual Assault Response Allies (SARA)

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