Opening Days and Jump Start gallery

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  • Student lowers a votive onto the surface of the Mill Stream which is peppered with votives
    A student lowers a candle onto the surface of the Mill Stream during Matriculation.
  • Students line the Mill Stream at dusk as candles float on the surface
    New students float candles down the Mill Stream to signify their upcoming journey through college.
  • students hike on a trail in the woods
    Participants in Steppin’ Out hike in the Opal Creek Wilderness.
  • A student wearing a Bearcats shirt carries a refrigerator on their shoulder
    A football player — one of hundreds of student, staff and faculty volunteers — helps new Bearcats move in.
  • Blitz the Bearcat and the Opening Days team dressed in blue shirts strike a happy pose during a dance
    The Opening Days team and Blitz dance their traditional jig at the kickoff for new students.
  • Two students smiles stand out in a crowd gathered on the Quad
    New Bearcats split into smaller groups to discuss the transition to college.
  • A student carries a basket of clothing while another balances a bulletin board on their head
    Soccer players assist with the move-in.
  • Four students in yellow shirts carry blue crates
    Students in the American Studies Program make quick work of moving in the new Bearcats.
  • From a covered stage on the Quad, President Thorsett speaks to a seated crowd before Waller Hall
    President Steve Thorsett addresses the crowd gathered on The Quad for Opening Convocation.
  • Two students smile as they pass between two lines of applauding students in Jackson Plaza
    The Opening Days team welcomes the new Bearcats with applause during Matriculation.
  • Framed between two trees, students sit in a circle on the grass by the Mill Stream
    Opening Days leaders facilitate the first conversation with their Opening Days small group.
  • Four students seated on the Quad smile and laugh
    New Bearcats prepare to light their candles at Matriculation.
  • Two alumni light the votive candles held by incoming student at duck in Jackson Plaza
    Alumni light the new Bearcats’ candles as a symbol of the passing of Willamette’s traditions to a new generation.
  • A student leaps from a cliff into Opal Creek as others watch
    Steppin’ Out participants show no fear as they leap into Opal Creek.
  • On the beach, students reach and leap for an incoming Frisbee
    Jump Start participants spend a day at the beach in Pacific City.
  • President Steve Thorsett and Ruth Feingold shake students’ hands
    President Steve Thorsett and Ruth Feingold welcome new students at Matriculation.
  • A group of more than 30 students run down a large sand dune in Pacific City
    The new Bearcats run down the Great Dune at Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area.
  • Three students lower candles onto the surface of the Mill Stream
    Students float candles onto the Mill Stream.
  • Student gasp as they enter the cold Pacific Ocean.
    Cool temperatures don’t stop the new Bearcats from taking a dip in the Pacific Ocean.
  • A student stretches their arms to the sky before a waterfall on Opal Creek
    A student soaks in the beauty of the Opal Creek Wilderness.

The Willamette community welcomes nearly 400 College of Liberal Arts students at the student-led orientation programs, Opening Days and Jump Start.

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