Finding college scholarships

by Jennifer Johnson,

A dizzying array of college scholarships exist for students in just about every imaginable circumstance — you just need to find the right ones. 

Attempting to sort through hundreds of links can feel Sisyphean, so go beyond the online scholarship matching services. Think about organizations that don’t immediately scream scholarships — the Garden Club of America is one example — or reconsider national fellowships that feel too competitive, like the Udall Undergraduate Scholarship. Search engines like this or this narrow results according to award type, GPA, deadline and minority focus. 

Universities including Willamette offer scholarships upon admission, so it’s worth checking with every school once you apply. 

Willamette’s Student Academic Grants and Awards office recommends a few places to start. Deadlines vary. 

For students born in Oregon

The Office of Student Access and Completion offers great links to local and state scholarships.

Ford Family Foundation

The Oregon Community Foundation

High school students, transfer students:

Health: National Institute of Health Undergraduate Scholarships 

Children of veterans: Children of Warriors National Presidents’ Scholarship 

Academics: Jack Kent Cooke Foundation

Leadership: The Gates Scholarship

Music: National Association for Music Education

Communication: Outdoor Writers Association of America

Philosophy: Ayn Rand Institute essay contests 

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