January 2020 News

Letters of recommendation tips

You’ve started the Common App, you’re working on the essay — what about your letters of recommendation? 


Test optional colleges — what does that mean for you?

A record number of colleges and universities chose to go test optional last year.


Transfer student: Best questions to ask

Transferring to a new college is a big decision — and not one you make overnight.


SAT vs. ACT — or none of the above?

Deciding on a standardized test can take some thought. 


Creating real-world learning opportunities for students

Donor support helps students put their management education to the test with real stakes and real organizations.


Realizing a dream at any stage in life

After working in various professional fields for more than 25 years, Tamara Palmer JD’21 wanted to attend law school — and donor support made it possible.

Student loads brush into truck bed

Willamette celebrates Martin Luther King Day

Bearcats engage in service projects, book club, documentary screening and more events in the spirit of King’s legacy.


NCAA magazine features Willamette men’s basketball’s healthy masculinity program

The Willamette men’s basketball team nurtures a culture of healthy masculinity, a commitment that is making a difference in the locker room and beyond.

Campus safety employees

Well-being, health and safety on campus

Willamette’s Director of Campus Safety Ross Stout says the university is a pretty safe place — and takes a number of steps to keep it that way.


Should I attend admitted student day?

After you’ve been accepted to a university, it’s easy to think your college search is over.


Tips for new college students: Mental health

Fantastic opportunities and experiences await you during your first year at college. But all of that transition — new relationships, different academic expectations, roommates — can be stressful in ways you didn’t expect. 


FAFSA help: How to avoid mistakes

Just thinking about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) might prompt a sense of dread.

Jeff Heatherington L.H.D. ‘65

$6 Million Gift Helps Launch Willamette University’s New Public Health Program

Thanks to a $6 million endowed gift from FamilyCare Health and the Heatherington Foundation, we’re taking Willamette’s Public Health program to the next level, with scholarships, internships and more.


Best spots to visit at Willamette

First time visiting Willamette? Check out these popular places to get a better feel for campus.


Parents: Tips for the final college decision

Your student has been admitted to college — maybe several. Now what?


3 of the best college essays

Rock collecting, volunteer work, origami — college essays on each of these topics caught the attention of Willamette admission officers this year.


Student-run EMS offers great career preparation

Willamette Emergency Medical Service is one of two services of its kind registered in state.


Private vs. public college

Factors to consider when evaluating tuition and cost.


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