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Earn $4,000 by applying to Willamette early

by Jennifer Johnson,

Willamette campus

Applying to college early saves you time and stress, but this year, it can save you money, too.  

By submitting your Common Application to Willamette University by Nov. 15 — and the rest of your application materials by Dec. 1 — you’ll be eligible for the Leader’s Award, an additional $1,000 on top of financial aid renewable for up to four years. That’s $4,000 just for applying early. 

But beyond the scholarship, speeding up the application process can only benefit you. 

Dean of Admission Sue Corner has seen many students spend their final year of high school under constant stress as they await admission decisions that arrive in March or April, and she loves that Willamette notifies early applicants in mid-December. 

“It gives students such a sense of reassurance about their possibilities,” she said. “It also allows the spring of senior year to be spent weighing the pros and cons of your college picks, participating in admitted student programs or simply enjoying the relief of having your college search complete.” 

Senior year can be a wildly busy time. By applying and receiving Willamette’s decision early, students can savor the final moments of high school. Corner’s daughter chose Willamette early and she was able to truly enjoy the spring of her senior year, she said. 

Applying early is an easy way to impress admission counselors, too. 

“Meeting the early deadline will position you as an organized and motivated applicant, and it will now pay off in scholarship dollars,” she said. “What’s not to love about that?” 

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