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Academic Support

Collaborating with students and faculty to promote academic success, support instruction, and retain a diverse student body

Academic Support is here for Willamette's College of Arts & Sciences students looking to up their game with time management skills, study strategies, and more. Along with our Learning Commons partners, Academic Support is part of a network of resources ready to get you on the right track and stay there.

Our goal is to work with you to find tools and techniques that work with your strengths and preferences, build good study habits, and set you up for success in your classes.  Rarely does a single strategy work for everyone,  so we ask a lot of questions, listen to your answers, and suggest tools to try based on your style and preferences.

“Give someone a fish and they eat for a day. Teach someone to fish and they eat for a lifetime.” Rather than being handed the proverbial fish, you'll learn by doing - learning to fish by building skills you can use throughout your time at Willamette and beyond.

The Think Tank

A space to work together, think together, and learn together.

The Think Tank is located in Ford Hall, Room 124. With 24/7 access, the building offers space with mobile tables, whiteboards, and a projector and screen for individual or group study or meeting with tutors.

Opening fall 2023!

Click for calendar and reservation requests (WU)

Tools for Success

Study Groups

Explaining concepts to someone else is a great way to reinforce learning, so gather up some classmates and learn while you teach each other. Everybody wins!

Skills Check

Level-up the skills you have and expand your skillset through workshops and one-on-one conversations that build on your strengths.

Embedded Tutors

Some classes have embedded tutors who attend class with you then host study sessions or office hours to answer your questions and guide you through the material. See what skills another student used to master the class and add some skills to your repertoire, too.

Subject Tutors

Work with a tutor to clarify assignments, ask specific questions, and develop effective study techniques. All tutors are successful students recommended by their professors, so you know you'll work with someone qualified and invested in your success.

Find out more from our Learning Commons partners

Writing Center

Ford Hall Learning Commons (1st floor)

QUAD Center

Ford Hall, Room 224

Digital Learning Studio

Ford Hall, Room 101

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Academic Support

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