1. What information does my Compass Card contain?
  2. How do I unlock doors with my card?
  3. What is “authorized” Compass Card use?
  4. When will I need my card for ID purposes?
  5. Where can I use my Compass Card?
  6. How do I add funds to my card?
  7. How can I see what I have spent?
  8. Meal Plan Points versus Compass Cash: What’s the Difference?
  9. What are Compass Card dos and don’ts?

1. What information does my Compass Card contain?

The magnetic strip contains your ID number (for Compass Cash and Meal Points purchases) and authorized building entry codes. Newer cards also have a proximity chip, which contains the same information. See the chart below for building access details:

Enrolled in: CLA WUCL AGSM
Your residence hall Yes No/NA Yes
Other residences in your commons area, 5 p.m. - 9 p.m. Yes No/NA No/NA
College of Law * Yes *
Atkinson Graduate School No/NA * Yes
Computer lab (Ford Hall) Yes * Yes
Parking lot gates Yes Yes Yes
Hatfield Library 24-hour study room Yes Yes Yes
Hatfield Library, 10 p.m.- 2 a.m. Sun-Thurs Yes Yes Yes
No after-hours academic building access without written faculty approval

* Access on request

2. How do I unlock doors with my card?

  1. Position the card in the card reader with the magnetic strip facing right.
  2. Slide the card rapidly through the slot from top to bottom. TIP: Be sure that the magnetic strip is pressed firmly against the reader
  3. The green light will come on and the door will unlock for about six seconds.

Individual room card locks at Kaneko Commons and a few other doors also require a PIN for entry:

After sliding the card in the cardlock:

  • Wait for the light to blink red
  • Enter the PIN on the keypad

If your card will not unlock a door to which you should have access, call 503-370-6000, or email campuscard@willamette.edu.

3. What is “authorized” Compass Card use?

Your Compass Card is the property of Willamette University and is issued to you for personal use only.

Loaning your card to another person is a violation of the University's Standards of Conduct. If you wish to purchase something for someone else, you must accompany that person.

4. When will I need my card for ID purposes?

You must carry your Compass Card with you at all times while on campus.

You must present your card for:

  • Purchases: Meal Plan Points and Compass Cash
  • Building Access: The magnetic strip and proximity chip contain authorized entry codes
  • Events: To purchase or pick up event tickets, event attendance
  • General ID: If requested by any University official

5. Where can I use my Compass Card?

Campus Location Vending Food
Laundry Copy
Atkinson Graduate School Yes Yes
Bistro Any Purchase
Campus Safety Any Purchase
Cat Cavern* Yes
College of Law Yes Yes Rick's Cafe -- any purchase
Doney Hall Yes Yes
Goudy Commons* Yes
Hatfield Library Yes Yes
Kaneko Commons* Yes Yes Yes
Lausanne Hall Yes Yes
Mail Services Any Purchase
Mill Stream Market Any Purchase
Montag Center* Yes Yes DVD Rental
Print/Design Center Personal print/copy services
Smullin Hall Yes Yes
University Apartments Yes Yes
University Center Yes
The Willamette Store Any Purchase

* Food purchases made at these locations will automatically utilize Meal Plan Points (if any) first, then Compass Cash.

6. How do I add funds to my card?

Credit/Debit Cards Online

Credit cards and some debit cards can be used to add funds to your Compass Card account using the links below:

  • Students/Staff: Log in with your Willamette username and password.
  • Parents/Others: Log in to the Guest Deposit section by entering your student's name and ID number.

Funds will be posted to your account immediately. A convenience fee of $1 will be added to all online deposits.

Food Service Locations

Add funds at any cash register in Goudy Commons, Cat Cavern, Kaneko Café, Rick's Café, or the Montag Convenience Store during regular hours of operation.

Important Notes

  • Compass Cash is not refundable except upon graduation, withdrawal or termination from the University, by means of an in-person or written request.
  • No cash advances or withdrawals are available.
  • After 365 days of no activity, an account will be charged a $5 per month service fee until funds are depleted. The account will then be closed.

7. How can I see what I have spent?

You can view your recent purchases by logging on to the Online Card Office. For older transactions, click View All Transaction History.

8. Meal Plan Points versus Compass Cash: What’s the Difference?

Meal Plan Points (purchased by resident students at the beginning of term) can only be used for food purchases and are not refundable or transferable. Meal Plan Points can be used at these locations:

  • Cat Cavern, University Center
  • Goudy Commons
  • Kaneko Cafe
  • Convenience Store, Montag Center (food items only)

Compass Cash can be deposited on your Compass Card at any time, and can be used in any location on campus that accepts the Compass Card, including the dining locations listed above. Compass Cash purchases at Cat Cavern, Kaneko Cafe and Goudy Commons receive a 10% discount posted at the register at time of purchase.

Note: When you make a purchase at the four locations listed above, Meal Plan Points will be used first, then Compass Cash.

9. What are Compass Card dos and don’ts?

  • Do carry your card at all times. You must have your card with you to make a purchase with Meal Plan Points or Compass Cash. You must present your card to any University official on request.
  • Don't loan your card to anyone. Loaning your card or using another person's card are violations of the University's Standards of Conduct.
  • Do report lost or stolen cards immediately by calling the Compass Card office at 503-370-6000 or emailing campuscard@willamette.edu.
  • DON'T PUNCH A HOLE IN YOUR CARD! Don't bend, wash, cut, scrape, burn or otherwise damage or deface the card. Cards with abnormal damage will cost $15 to replace.

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