2020-2021 Housing Selection for Returning Students

We have enjoyed having you on campus this year and encourage you to think about your housing plans for next year. Please read the following information and contact your RA, Area Coordinator or the Housing office if you have questions.

Residential Program Highlights for 2020-2021

  • The First Year Commons (FYC) community has been successful in its first two years and will continue in Eastside.
  • Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors are eligible to live in Kaneko and Westside.
  • Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are residential communities that connect academic and co-curricular support with intensive faculty and near-peer mentoring. These communities are made up of individuals with similar academic and co-curricular interests. See the information on the two new offerings for sophomores, juniors, and seniors below.
    • The STEM LLC currently in place for first-year students in Baxter 2nd floor, will be on Garden Level and 1st floors of Lausanne for sophomores and above. We are also opening up this offering to those that are interested in STEM, but may not have been invited to participate in the first-year program. You are not required to be majoring in STEM. The first-year STEM experience will continue next year in Baxter 2nd floor. This program is connected to a grant from the National Science Foundation.
  • Graduate student housing will be in the University Apartments, floors 1-3.
  • Students who live in Kaneko and Westside (with the exception of Kaneko Commons A Wing, 3rd floor East, WISH and the UAPs, floors 1-2) are eligible to retain their rooms in the housing selection process through a process called Re-Up (Renew your Existing University Placement).
  • The Bearcat BnB student portal is where the housing selection process takes place.  See additional information below.


The priority order for Housing Selection is on-campus rising seniors, abroad/off-campus rising seniors, on-campus rising juniors, abroad/off-campus rising juniors, and on-campus rising sophomores. All returning CAS students are assigned a randomly generated start date and time for use in the Housing Selection process.

Timeline for Housing Selection, 2020-2021


Informational meetings held for residents; email communications to all CAS students; posters in halls. Students review/sign Housing Agreements and make roommate pairings.

March 4-8

RHA Residence Hall Tours. Exact tour dates TBD. Hall tours will include Doney, Kaneko, Lausanne, and Lee-York.

March 11-12 

Greek sign-up for chapters with designated University housing. Exact dates TBD.

March 9-15, Mon-Sun

Re-Up Selection. Deadline to Re-Up is Sunday, March 15th at 11:59 p.m. in the BnB.

March 17, Tues

Current and Rising Senior Housing Selection.

(6 semesters live-on AND 15.25 - 23 credits earned including Spring 2020 residency and coursework)

March 18, Wed

Rising Junior Housing Selection.

(4 semesters live-on AND 7.25 - 15 credits earned including Spring 2020 residency and coursework)

March 19, Thurs

Rising Sophomore Housing Selection.

(2 semesters live-on AND up to 7 credits earned including Spring 2020 residency and coursework)

March 20-29, Fri-Sun

Open Housing Selection.

Continued access to the Housing Selection in the BnB through Sunday, March 29th at 11:59 p.m. for students to finalize their decisions. Once a selection is made, no changes will be considered until the end of the second week in the 2020 fall semester with the approval of the Area Coordinator.

March 23-27, Mon-Fri

Spring Break.

All campus residences remain open during Spring Break; however, Bon Appétit Meal Plan Service is closed.

March 30, Mon

8:00 a.m.

Wait Lists Available in the BnB. If you didn't get your first choice in the Housing Selection, you can place your name on a wait list for your preferred room-type. Vacancies occur all summer and into the first couple week of classes in the fall, and we'll contact people in order of the wait lists.

July 1, Wed

Deadline to notify the Housing office in writing that you are canceling your Housing Agreement/Lease for 2020-2021 to move off campus is 12:00 noon for those who have satisfied the four semester Residency Requirement. Cancellations to move off campus after this date carry a forfeit fee ($900 for standard rooms; $1,100 for apartments).

Residency Requirement

Students are required to live in university housing their first four semesters in college unless, prior to the academic year, they are married, in a civil union, or domestic partnership (must provide documentation); over the age of 21; have dependent family under their care (parent or child); or are living with parent(s)/legal guardian(s) within a commutable distance of 25 miles or less. Students with four semesters in residence at the end of spring semester are eligible to live off campus.

Students who do not meet these criteria may apply for a waiver of the Residency Requirement. Applications are available in the Housing office (Matthews Academic Commons) after Spring Break. The Residency Requirement Waiver Committee only grants exemptions in extreme circumstances. Requests based on financial situations are not considered. Please contact Financial Aid to discuss available options to help pay for the cost of living on campus.

  • The Committee meets in May to review waiver applications for the upcoming fall semester and decisions will be emailed to applicants in late May. Applications received after July 15th will not be considered for fall semester.
  • Students with approved waivers for 2019-2020 academic year must reapply for 2020-2021 academic year or select a room on campus.
  • All first and second year students, regardless of whether they are applying for a waiver, must participate in the housing selection process for 2020-2021. Students who are required to live on campus and fail to complete the housing registration process during their class housing selection will be assigned to a space after the housing registration process is complete.

Housing Selection Process

The terms and conditions for a residence hall, sorority, and apartment change annually. Please carefully review the terms associated with your 2020-2021 assignment when you select your housing for next year.

In early March, all returning students will be emailed with their Housing Selection start date/time that will also be viewable in the BnB student portal. Priority order is: rising seniors living on-campus and rising seniors abroad; rising juniors on-campus and rising juniors abroad; rising sophomores on-campus. Mutual roommates may use the best Housing Selection start date/time assigned among the roommates. If you are moving into your sorority's or fraternity's chapter designated housing, you will not need your pre-assigned housing selection date/time.

Greek Sign-Up for Chapters with Designated Housing

(March 11-12) TBD

Greek affiliates who will be living in their chapter's University designated housing next year sign up for a room between March 11th and March 12th by submitting an online housing agreement through the Bearcat BnB. Affiliates are eligible to sign-up for a residence hall/apartment on campus if their designated housing is full and they have signed their chapter's waiting list. Affiliates who are assigned to residence halls/apartments will be reassigned if a space opens up in their chapter designated housing. Affiliated students who are not on their chapter's waiting list will not be eligible to participate in a class housing selection.

Re-Up Option for Kaneko and Westside Residents

(March 9-15)

Due to residential program changes for 2020-2021, there are some areas that may not be eligible for Re-Up.  WISH House, 3rd floor East of Kaneko Commons, and UAP floors 1-2 will not be available for Re-Up. The 4th floor of Kaneko Commons A Wing will also be offline for maintenance, and no Re-Upping is permitted in Eastside.

Residents who currently live in Kaneko (with the exception of 3rd Floor East), Westside and would like to stay in the same room or apartment next year in eligible Re-Up spaces may elect to Renew their Existing University Placement (Re-Up) for the next academic year.

The Re-Up Housing Agreement and Re-Up Apartment Lease will be available in the BnB. Re-Uping is an option, not a requirement. Students who do not wish to Re-Up would just participate in the regular housing selection after their designated start date and time.

  • Kaneko 2 bedroom apartments need at least 1 current resident to Re-Up, plus the new resident(s) to fill the unit.
  • Kaneko 4 bedroom apartments need at least 2 current residents to Re-Up, plus the new resident(s) to fill the unit. 


If the student(s) who secured the apartment by Re-Uping decide to cancel the Apartment Lease to move off campus prior to the Fall semester, then the new residents who were invited in to fill the unit may not retain it. The apartment will be made available to the next group on the wait list.

Housing cancellations received after the July 1st deadline are subject to an agreement/lease forfeit fee ($900 for a standard room; $1,100 for an Apartment).

It is recommended that students in apartments communicate with their roommates regarding study abroad plans to effectively manage apartment vacancies from semester to semester. The Housing office does not make apartment roommate assignments.

Housing Selection Phases:

There are three distinct phases to the online Housing Selection in the BnB. Video tutorials are available for how to complete these steps and what you should consider when thinking about the housing selection process.

  • Phase 1: Complete the Housing Agreement or Apartment Lease
  • Phase 2: Select Your Roommate
  • Phase 3: Select Your Room

Housing Selection Notes:

  • All student with on campus housing must carefully review then sign their agreement/lease.
  • Students who wish to be roommates must mutually request each other, that is, agree to live with one another.
  • If you don't know who you want to live with, you may search for compatible roommates in this step as well.
  • Triple rooms/Kaneko suites are only assigned to three mutually requested roommates during housing selection.
  • Students who sign up for a triple room/suite will be moved to a double room if a roommate cancels during the summer.
  • Students who sign up for an apartment, and their roommate will be graduating in January, going abroad in the spring semester, or is an ASP student who will be returning home, must plan ahead to determine who will be filling the vacated space in the spring semester. Otherwise the full cost of the apartment will be charged to the remaining roommate(s). See the Important Apartment Information section below for further details.
  • Rising sophomores are not eligible for assignment to campus apartments.
  • Once you have selected a room/apartment for 2020-2021 and signed a agreement/lease, no changes will be considered until the end of the second week in the 2020 fall semester with the approval of the Area Coordinator.

2020-2021 Rates

2020-2021 Rates will be posted in late February/early March. Students living in a residence hall/sorority are required to participate in a meal plan. Meal plans are optional for apartment residents.

Single rooms cost more than multiple occupancy rooms. See Rates for pricing.

Important Apartment Information

Annual lease rates include a furnished apartment and utilities. The rent will be equally divided by the actual number of occupants. Each resident is responsible for paying a $300 cleaning deposit (see lease) that is refunded if the apartment meets all cleaning specifications at check-out. No partial refunds will be given.

Campus apartments are available in Doney 1st floor north, Kaneko B/C wings, and at University Apartments. The Apartment Lease differs significantly from the Residence Hall Room & Meal Plan agreement. Assignment to multiple occupancy apartments is by mutual request only.

  • Apartment occupancy is for the entire term of the lease. Apartments are only assigned to capacity with mutual roommates.
  • Each student is collectively responsible for the full payment of the advertised rent amount for the particular apartment. If, at any point during the term of the lease, a resident cancels their lease for any reason, the remaining resident(s) is/are responsible for paying the full rent of the apartment, finding a new apartment roommate or moving.
  • The Housing office does not make apartment roommate assignments.

Graduate Students

On-campus graduate housing is available in the University Apartments. Both locations are about a block away from the graduate schools. Contact the Housing office for more information. Apartments for graduate students are assigned on a first come, first serve basis. For best availability, please contact us before July 15th.

Optional Meal Plans for Apartment or Off-Campus Residents

Students living in campus apartments or off-campus may purchase any of the Willamette Meal Plans by contacting the Housing office.

Assignment Confirmation/Cancellation Grace Period

A housing confirmation email will be sent out at the completion of the class selections. Please make sure everything you signed up for is correct. The agreement/lease is for the entire academic year. The grace period for qualifying students to cancel without financial penalty ends at 12:00 noon on Wednesday, July 1, 2020. After July 1st the cancellation fee is in effect ($900 for either a standard room or an apartment). See the Lease Terms & Conditions.

Personal Property Insurance

Willamette University is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal property and advises all students to cover their belongings under their own insurance.

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