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ISA-CGC stands for the Institute for the Interdisciplinary Social Analysis of Complex Global Challenges. It is a new university institute for social science inquiry that provides upper-level students with the opportunity to collaborate with professors and delve deeply into the social analysis of a particular global crisis or challenge.

As part of the current project we are we are conducting ethnographic research to locate and compare different models of diaspora-driven health developments in Senegal and Ghana, West Africa. Collaborating closely with African colleagues and the diaspora associations and individuals, we have studied 50 different programs in both migrants' home and host countries--a unique multi-cited analysis that is core to our research. Of the 50, we have chosen 10 of the most successful examples--in terms of inclusivity, sustainability and other criteria--to study more closely.

Do you know of a Senegalese or Ghanaian health-related development project led by a member of the African Diaspora? If so, we would like to speak with you!

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Diasporas for Development Resource Guide

This resource guide is intended to aid members of the African Diaspora in their efforts to bring resources and skills to their home communities in Africa.  

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