Mosaics Mentoring

A peer mentoring program under the Office of Multicultural Affairs for students who are: of color, multiracial, bi-racial, or multicultural.

The first year at Willamette can be treacherous, harrowing, and home-sickening, especially for multicultural students. Mosaics Peer Mentoring Program offers first year students the opportunity to connect and engage with a mentor who is an older Willamette student. By pairing younger students up with a student who has been through it all before, we hope to give students a support network and community.

We want to do whatever we can to make people feel less alone and more like they've got a family here at WU. Through retreats, conferences, on campus events, and the friendships we build with each other in small student families and one-on-one mentoring meetings we hope to make Willamette begin to feel like home. Mosaics builds a greater sense of community among Willamette’s multicultural student population by allowing them the opportunity to connect with others as academic peers, fellow club members, and, above all, friends.