Below are some documents and links that provide additional information about Fraternity & Sorority Life at Willamette University and nationally. We recommend you browse the information below and contact our office if you have any additional questions.

Membership Wellness

  • Alcohol Policy
  • Hazing Policy
  • Hazing Report Form
  • Housing Policy: No off-campus facility shall be designated as registered student organization, fraternity, sorority, or athletic team housing. All student housing shall be located on recognized university property. Any designation of an off-campus facility as a student organization, fraternity, sorority, or athletic team accommodation shall be subject to university disciplinary action according to (Standards of Conduct #19: Failure to abide by any published University policy or procedure, applicable local, state, and federal laws (including, but not limited to Housing policies, residential community agreements, and academic catalogs).
  • Non-discrimination Policy
  • Travel Policies and Procedures

National Governing Organizations