1. Golf carts shall be operated with the utmost courtesy, care and consideration for the safety of pedestrians. Pedestrians shall be given the right-of-way at all times.
  2. Golf carts shall be operated with the utmost care and consideration for University property.
  3. Supervisors shall assure that each employee in their department, who operates a cart, is properly advised of the cart policy.
  4. The bottom portion of the second page of this policy needs to be signed by each employee and copy sent to the Office of Campus Safety, prior to the employee driving a cart.
  5. No one under the age of seventeen (17) is allowed to operate a cart.
  6. No more than one person is allowed to ride in a non-designated seat in a cart, and that person must be seated.
  7. Carts used between dusk and dawn shall be equipped and operated with working headlights. If a cart is not equipped with a headlight, it cannot be operated when headlight would be required on a public roadway.
  8. Cart operators are responsible for the security of ignition keys during the time that a cart is assigned to them. Any time a cart is unattended, the ignition shall be turned off, the key should be removed from the ignition, and the key must be in the possession of the authorized operator.
  9. Carts shall be operated at speeds no greater than all safety concerns demand.
  10. Always consider the terrain, weather conditions, and existing pedestrian and vehicular traffic, which may affect your ability to operate the cart safely.
  11. Carts must not impede or interfere with normal pedestrian or vehicular traffic flow on sidewalks, ramps or roadways. In that respect, carts shall be operated on service drives and roadways whenever possible, rather than on sidewalks. Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way.
  12. Carts are prohibited from (except when work is being performed in one of these areas)

    • Jackson Plaza
    • Goudy Plaza
    • All walkways between Jackson and Goudy plazas
    • The sidewalk south of Rogers Music Center
    • Mill Race bridges between Goudy and Hatfield
    • The sidewalk from the visitor parking lot to Mill Street between Delta Gamma and Alpha Chi Omega
    • see map for other areas
  13. Carts may not be driven or parked on any landscaped area unless that is the only available way to gain access to the specific area where your work is being performed. If, in order to allow a pedestrian(s) the proper right-of-way, the cart must be on a landscaped area, it should be brought to a full stop, then immediately returned to the designated driving surface as soon as the area is clear.
  14. Carts shall not be parked:

    • in Fire Lanes
    • in DMV Disabled Parking spaces
    • in Reserved Parking spaces
    • within 10 feet of ANY doorway
    • in any manner that would impede the normal flow of pedestrian traffic
  15. Carts shall be equipped with a “Slow Moving Vehicle” sign.
  16. Carts shall not be modified in any manner that affects the recommended mode of operation, speed or safety of the cart.
  17. Accidents involving a cart shall be reported immediately to the supervisor of the department to which the cart is registered, and to Campus Safety, regardless of whether property damage or personal injury occurred.
  18. Each cart operator shall provide timely notification of safety and maintenance concerns to the supervisor of the department to which the cart is registered.
  19. Supervisors shall be responsible for seeing to the timely repair of such concerns. The cart cannot be operated safely until said repairs have taken place. The cart shall be taken “out of service” until the repairs are completed.
  20. Carts shall be operated in compliance with the common “rules of the road”, regardless of whether they are being operated on service drives, sidewalks or roadways.
  21. Parking citations will be issued for parking violations in fire lanes, reserved parking or handicapped parking spaces. These citations are issued to the driver of the vehicle who is responsible for paying or appealing the citation.
  22. Other violations of this policy will be reported to the supervisor of the department who owns the cart. Notification can be made by phone or e-mail. The preferred method is to notify the supervisor immediately by phone.

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