Additional Resources for Fulbright and other study abroad applications

Additional Web Sites for educational institutions abroad and information on study overseas:

  • The World of Learning. A comprehensive directory of learned societies, universities, archives, libraries and museums around the world. Available in the reference section in both Hatfield and the Law School libraries.
  • Studee includes information on colleges and universities worldwide, articles on studying abroad, and information on how to request more information on individual schools
  • JustColleges - features colleges in the USA, India, UK, Australia, and Canada. Also included are articles, essays, test preparation tips, and FAQs on colleges and graduate and business schools
  • Canadian Universities -a guide to Canadian universities, community colleges, career colleges, jobs and volunteering in Canada
  • Universities Worldwide - searchable database of links to universities around the world
  • - searchable database of universities around the world. Browse alphabetically, by region, or by program of study
  • Prospects (select post graduate study option) - information on studying and working in the UK, including information about British degrees
  • Erudera - Best Schools and Universities is the world's largest and most updated database of schools and universities available for study.

Grant Proposals

Several organizations and individuals have posted helpful materials on-line, from sample proposals, guides to writing research proposals, and advice to managing the application process. Here is a sampling of what's out there.

  • Fulbright Grants for Skidmore Students
    A Fulbright proposal and personal statement from one of Skidmore's recent Scholars and a list of FAQ's relating to Fulbright Grants.
  • "Proposal Writing: the Art of Persuasion" (College of the Holy Cross Graduate Studies office).
    Advice for Fulbright, Goldwater, Marshall, and many more fellowships that require study and research proposals.
  • "Fulbright Grants: How to Write a Good Fulbright Proposal" (Amherst College)
  • Fulbright proposal writing guide from Michigan State University.
  • How To Get A Fulbright
    Advice on winning a Fulbright award from past grant winners.

--Adapted from lists compiled by Dr. Jane Curlin, Udall Foundation, and Dr. Paula Warrick, American University.

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