Inflatable Bouncers, Toys, Games, etc. Policy

When you contract with a company to provide inflatable bouncers, toys, games, etc, the contracting company must provide Willamette University with a certificate of insurance showing that they carry liability insurance in the amount of $2 million dollars and naming Willamette University as additionally insured.

Because of the risks involved in many of these amusement items, Willamette has elected to require that the rental company provide staff for set up, tear down, and being present to supervise the equipment at all times. Willamette University students, staff or faculty are not allowed to set up, tear down, or supervise the use of the equipment.

Some toys and outdoor toys, e.g. mechanical bulls, are considered high risk and may require special event insurance be purchased. Also, Willamette may require a signed waiver that communicates risk and indemnification to participants before they access the contracted service.

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