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Self-catered, pot luck and bake sales

The University requires all events taking place on campus that involve food order through Bon Appétit. There are certain circumstances in which groups may choose to self cater their event. We strongly recommend working with or using Bon Appétit as a reference for these occasions.

These circumstances include

  • Student organization functions for students and faculty of Willamette University not to include any participation of the outside community. (Prior notification given to Bon Appétit required)
  • Pot luck celebrations for groups of less than 25 attendees
  • Student organization bake sales
  • Ordered take-out such as pizza or late night convenience foods

Student organizations that choose to cater and serve their own event must email at a minimum of two weeks prior to the event. All parties must comply with the following policies for their safety and the safety of their guests.

Food Handlers Cards

Student Organizations must have a certain number of constituents certified to handle food. These constituents must take an online course and pass an exam to be certified by Marion County Health Services. A copy of the food handler's card must be kept on file at the Goudy Café office. This is a mandatory requirement for students and or faculty members to self cater events. Any person preparing or serving food must have a valid food handler's card on file prior to the event. To sign up for the online class please visit the Oregon Food Handlers Card website. There will be a fee associated with this course.

Food Preparation, Selling, Serving Requirements at Campus Events

Compliance with all of the following Health Department regulations are required at any University sponsored food event. If you have any questions about the requirements of compliance, please contact the Office of Campus Safety prior to planning your food event. Each of these requirements are mandatory. If you do not think you will be able to comply with these requirements at your food event, then you must have your event catered by Bon Appetit. You can reach the catering office at 503-370-6711.


  • When any type of cooking is taking place, each booth must have an ABC fire extinguisher (specifically a 2A10BC extinguisher). When using woks or when deep fat frying, a 40-BC extinguisher is required. (1999)
  • Propane tank located at least 5' from the booth structure and tied down securely. Only one cylinder allowed at any time in booth. Maximum 125 water gallon capacity. (1998)
  • Paper towels for hand washing - no common towel
  • Sanitizer bucket for counter wipe towels, with bleach
  • Food handler's certification card
  • Large garbage can for customer use, clean and lined
  • Covered waste water disposal
  • Thermometers in coolers
  • Clean aprons
  • Hair restraints if necessary
  • Non-porous washable counter surfaces

Additional requirements

  • Food handler's cards are required by at least one person who will be supervising the preparation and serving of the food throughout the entire event. The people with the food handlers permit mush have it with them at the event. A Food Handler's permit can be obtained on the Oregon Food Handlers Card website. Certification is immediate; however, the self-paced course takes one to two hours to complete. The cost is $10. Payment is made via credit card on the website.
  • Perishable foods must be refrigerated below 41 degrees or heated above 140 degrees F. Coolers must have liquid-spirited thermometers placed in the warmest spot.
  • All food and utensils must be stored off the ground and protected from dust and contamination. Condiments should be labeled and kept in covered containers.
  • Unacceptable materials for storage and cooking: enamel-coated pots, copper, tin can, and cardboard. Acceptable: glass, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, and plastic.
  • Use only disposable eating utensils and individually wrapped straws.
  • Each booth must have one garbage can for patron use and also must provide containers for the disposal of refuse from the booth.
  • Hand washing facilities must be available at each food booth. At least five gallons of potable water in a container with a spigot, (separate from that used for utensil washing) from which clean water can be drawn for each use without holding tap open and a catch pan. Disinfecting hand soap and single-service paper towels are also required. Hands must be washed after using the restroom or smoking, before starting or returning to work and at regular intervals while handling food. Instant hand sanitizers are not replacements for hand washing.
  • No use of tobacco allowed in or near food booths.
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