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Willamette food vendor guidelines

The following guidelines will apply to requests for food vendors, food trucks, or other mobile food vendors who request a presence on campus:

  • Requests must be submitted to
  • No other Willamette University office or representative is authorized to invite or approve the presence of an outside food vendor, mobile food vendor, or other food/beverage sales or services on Willamette University-owned or -controlled property.
  • Requests will be evaluated on an instance-by-instance basis. A separate request is required for each unique instance for which approval is sought. Vendors will only operate in locations approved after consultation with the Service Center, Facilities Management, and Campus Safety.
  • Willamette University’s contracted campus food vendor will be exempt from this approval process.


  • Where authorized, use is contingent upon the successful execution of a Facility Use Agreement between the vendor and Willamette University and the receipt of fees associated with said Agreement.
  • Where authorized, vendors will be required to provide proof of insurance, proof of a recent health inspection with a score greater than 90, and proof of their license to sell food in Marion County, and Salem, Oregon.
  • Where authorized, vendors must be completely self-contained and require no use of electric, water, space, utilities, or facilities belonging to Willamette University, unless expressly authorized in writing.


Food: Any item consumable, or any substance that people or animals may choose to eat or drink.

Vendor: One who makes goods or services available to consumers. The term, “Vendor”, is typically used to describe the entity that is paid for the good or services provided, or who intends to gain from presenting the goods and services.

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