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Honors and Awards In Bearcat Excellence

Recipient List

Joseph T. Albert Prize

Awarded to the student who, having maintained good standing in scholarship during the last year, has grown in capacity, ability and performance to have a positive effect on their peers.

  • Eugene Miller

Colonel Percy Willis Prize

Presented to a student who has displayed virtues of diligence, reliability, and responsibility through deeds and service to fellow students and the university.

  • Melissa Melquist

Jessie E West Award

Awarded for outstanding leadership and contributions to the student body through both positions and actions.

  • Amie Holstein
  • Forrest Davis

Frank Meyer Student Life Award

Presented to a student whose outstanding leadership and contributions have improved the quality of student life at the University. Frank Meyer began working at Willamette in 1967 as the Associate Director of Admission and eventually became the VP for Student Affairs. He was dedicated to improving the lives of students at the University.

  • Andrew Caruana

Duncan Robertson ‘05 Community-Builder Award

Recognizes and celebrates a Willamette senior whose hard work and community dedication may have previously been unsung. Recipients exemplify the qualities of the late Duncan Robertson ’05, which are compassion, joy, gratitude, inclusion, curiosity, and community-building across differences.

  • Joselyn Lagunas
  • Andrew Caruana


Franklin D. Meyer Student Ambassador Award

Presented to a Student Ambassador from the Office of Admission who consistently provides exceptional visit experiences for prospective students and families. The recipient of this award is a team player who goes above and beyond to ensure individualized, inclusive, and welcoming visits to Willamette University.

  • Natalie Klett

The Collegian

Timothy C. Hawkins Award

Presented to one student who has made outstanding contributions in the field of journalistic photography or graphic design during the academic year..

  • Jason Lehman

George Putnam Award

Presented to one student on the Collegian staff who has given distinguished service to the paper. Candidates are those who have served more than two years as a Collegian staff member, and have made significant contributions to the publication.

  • Alan Cohen

Charles A. Sprague Award

Presented to one student on the Collegian staff for their outstanding endeavors in writing and reporting during the academic year.

  • Skeet Starr

Civic engagement

“Not Unto Ourselves” Community Engaged Student Award

  • Lauren Meekins
  • Terry Sherman

“Not Unto Ourselves” Community Engaged Organization Award

  • Pro-Immigrant Rights Student Union (PIRSU)

Office Of Student Affairs

Cornerstone of Community

This award is for an unsung hero (individual or group) who has contributed positively to the larger campus environment by providing opportunities for social connection. This award honors the work no one may see but that students benefit from and would miss if they were gone.

  • Ernie Samora
  • Sage Clemons

Seeds of Change Award

This award is for a first year, second year, or transfer student that has led an initiative, program, or engagement around social justice. This award honors the innovation, passion, and fresh perspective brought forth by students early in their Willamette journey. They have been the seed that planted seeds, and are honored for the courage to craft something with an eye toward equity.

  • Mashani Coleman Toliver
  • Q Wilson

Office of Intercultural Engagement & Inclusion

Spirit of Empowerment

  • Andrew Caruana
  • Caitlin Sinclair
  • Joselyn Lagunas

Outdoor Program

Outdoor Program Legacy Award

Given to the Outdoor Program staff member who displays extraordinary passion for the outdoors through involvement and interactions with the Outdoor Program.

  • Savanna Starks

Outdoor Program Rising Star Award

The Rising Stars award recognizes a student member of the Outdoor Program who is in the first three semesters of involvement. In addition to maintaining good standing, Rising Stars demonstrate commitment to the program by seeking opportunities for leadership and skill development AND utilizing feedback to improve themselves, their peers, and the program as a whole.

  • Elizabeth Puerzer

Panhellenic Council

Panhellenic Member of the Year

  • Maddy Tabor

Spiritual & Religious Life

Social Justice Leadership Award

Recognizes students who have made extraordinary efforts in the area of social justice. Recipients of this award demonstrate high integrity and ethical values, and work towards full and equitable.

  • Aanya Friedeman
  • Melissa Melquist
  • Nolan Wright

Residence Life and housing

Program of the Year

  • Lee/York Community Events

Student Leadership Award of Excellence

Recognizes a student leader member for their outstanding contributions to the Residence Life of Willamette University

  • Kaiona Apio
  • Kayla Stinson

Student Engagement & Leadership

Outstanding Student Organization Advisor

  • Miho Fujiwara

Outstanding Student Club/Organization

  • Willamette Rugby Football Club

Outstanding Student Program/Event

  • Willamette Dance Company Fall Showcase
Willamette University

Honors and Awards in Bearcat Excellence

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