1. The majority of our equipment is able to be checked out for up to 2-weeks: Equipment, such as laptops and cameras can be checked out for up to 2 weeks. Items, such as projectors and sound systems, can be checked out for up to 3 days at a time, or longer with permission. Please note: If you end up needing to extend reservations, all requests must go through Jeff Allen <jlallen@willamette.edu> directly, or you can submit a service request or email <wits@willamette.edu>. These extension requests must be approved or you will be charged as per our overdue policy.

  2. Late fees for overdue WITS checkout equipment: Any items returned after the date and time listed on the reservation will be considered late, resulting in the assessment of fees. Items that are delivered by & returned by WITS staff as part of the reservation agreement are not subject to late fees unless part of the equipment order has been kept or misappropriated by the reservation holder.

  3. Late fees will be assessed on a per-business-day basis. A business day is any day that WITS would be open and able to receive the equipment.

  4. Parts Replacement fees will be assessed for equipment missing parts/pieces that were present at the time items were received by the customer. 

  5. Repair costs will be assessed if equipment is returned needing repair services as a result of usage by the customer.
  6. Replacement cost fees will be assessed for whole items that are deemed missing, lost, or stolen.

All fees and charges will be billed to the Willamette University account holder who made the reservation or to the appropriate department/organization account in cases where a department/organization has consented to be the financially responsible party (i.e., account number listed on the student checkout form). Billing is handled by the Willamette University Student Accounting office. WITS does not take direct payment for fees/costs.

Associated costs:

Late fees: Fees for late returns are dependent on the total value of the items reserved.

  • $3 per day for all equipment with a replacement cost of $500 or less.
  • $5 per day for equipment with a replacement cost between $500 and 1500.
  • $10 per day for equipment with a replacement cost exceeding $1500.

All charges accrue until the replacement value of the item is met. At such time the replacement cost is billed to the appropriate source (individual or department/organization), regardless of whether the items are subsequently returned.

Parts replacement costs: The actual replacement cost of each part (purchase + shipping) will be billed on a per-case basis. WITS will always seek to replace missing parts with an exact match for the part (example, buying a new laptop battery from the manufacturer rather than an inferior knock-off). In cases of small interchangeable components (such as USB cables or lens caps) when a lower-cost equivalent is appropriate, that may be substituted.

Repair costs: Billed dependent on the actual repair cost as determined by WITS. Should the repair cost estimate exceed the replacement cost of the item, the replacement cost will be used instead.

What is the replacement cost? Each item in WITS inventory is deemed to have a replacement cost. For items that are purchased as new for circulation this is the original purchase price for new equipment. For depreciated items that are not replaced with new items (example: hand-me-down laptops used in circulation), a determination is made of the fair market value for the item. For items that would be purchased as new, but no longer exist due to age or emerging technology, a determination of the current equivalent item is made and cost of that is substituted (example: an out-of-production DSLR camera would be replaced by a current model).

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