Secure Disposal of Data Storage Media

Safely disposing of data-containing optical disks, SD cards, Flash drives, and hard drives is essential to preventing potentially sensitive data from falling into the hands of the nefarious actors. Don't simply toss these things in the trash, even if you think they're unusable or unreadable.

Contact WITS and we'll take care of the rest!

If you have any old data CDs, DVDs, USB drives, external hard drives, internal hard drives, or other data-storage devices...simply return them to WITS and we'll acrimoniously erase, destroy, publicly humiliate, verbally debase, and obliterate said devices prior to unceremonious disposal.  Just send a request to and we'll set up a time to recover your antiquated, unwanted, non-functional, or unnecessary data storage devices and we'll gleefully, near-maniacally, ensure they contain no recoverable data prior to committing them to a dark, watery grave.


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