Yamaha YVC-1000 Mic/Speaker System

The Yamaha YVC-1000 is the WITS provided solution for larger spaces where microphone coverage from a single point is inadequate to effectively connect remote participants with on-site participants.  These devices are installed in medium and large teaching spaces with two or more connected speakers depending on room capacity and dimensions.  These devices are highly automated and, once turned on, will appear as a mic input device to select in Zoom.  That's all there is to it!


You can connect to the Yamaha YVC-1000-NA Unified Communications Microphone and Speaker System via USB, Bluetooth, or the audio terminals of a conferencing system to provide high quality audio for meetings in academic and professional applications. The range of connection options allows you to quickly adapt to a variety of situations where conferencing might otherwise be difficult due to the lack of a landline or Internet connection.

The rear panel features a pair of RCA audio inputs, a pair of RCA audio outputs, a second pair of RCA audio outputs for connecting to external speakers, a USB type B port for connection to a computer, and a port for connecting to the external tabletop microphone. Up to four additional microphones can be added to the system to cover a wider area and accommodate more conference participants.

Communicate With Various Sources Simultaneously

Mixes multiple voice input sources connected to each interface (USB, Bluetooth, and audio input/output) allowing simultaneous communication over different lines. For example, while connected to a web conference via USB, you can also include more participants via smartphone using a Bluetooth connection by using the audio mixing function to combine the audio sources.

Acoustic Optimization

Optimizes acoustic settings by learning about the acoustic environment of a room as it operates. If any acoustic problems are detected, the tuning fork button lights up orange to warn the user. Details on acoustic problems can be accessed through the audio guidance function

Adaptive Echo Canceller

Intelligently eliminates the echoes generated when microphones pick up sounds from speakers in environments with varying reflective properties. Adaptive echo canceller processes sound of up to 20,000 Hz to facilitate clear effective conversation

Automatic Tracking

Utilizes an Automatic tracking function that allows it to detect and track the location of a person's voice in order to provide clear sound. The ability to distinguish human voices from random background noise is particularly useful in conferences held in noisy environments with a large number of participants

Automatic Gain Control

Automatically boosts or attenuates the gain for individual voices depending on their level and distance from the microphone. Automatic gain control utilizes HVAD technology to ensure that only human voices are amplified, providing clear and concise communications even in noisy environments

Noise Reduction

Suppresses or eliminates unwanted sounds emitted from sources such as projectors and air conditioners. Continuous noise is removed from ambient sound picked up by the microphones in order to ensure that listeners hear only clear intelligible voices


Naturally occurring reverberation can often wreak havoc on sound quality in remote conferencing situations. Offering excellent vocal clarity even in spaces subject to excessive natural reverb. The unit suppresses the reverberation caused by the varying sonic characteristics of different environments

Automatic Room EQ

Optimizes speaker output in real time to match the dimensions and acoustic properties of any room. Audio quality is adjusted automatically based on the audio signal of the current call to provide a more listenable tone and even reduce unwanted echoing

Connect to an External Microphone

Features an external microphone input for applications such as remote classes or seminars where a handheld microphone may be preferable

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