• When was the last time you backed up your important files? What about photos?
  • If your computer crashed or was stolen, could you get to another copy of your data and get back to work quickly?
  • If your device was stolen could you remotely wipe it without losing important data?

Backup Methods

Manually - you plug an external hard drive or flash drive into a computer and copy files onto it.
Automated - you use an application to backup your computer's files at regular intervals. Examples of this type of application include Windows Backup (PC only) and TimeMachine (Mac only).
Network Shares - you store or copy the files to a Willamette provided network share like netfiles or groupfiles.
Internet Syncing - you use an application like Google Drive to store your files, which sync to a server via your internet connection.

Tips For Backups

  • Store your files in multiple physical locations. Not just on your computer in multiple folders. Have a copy on your computer and a flash drive, or your computer and your Willamette Google Drive.
  • Your Willamette Google Drive has unlimited storage space and apps for every operating system and device type. Google Drive is an application that installs a folder on your computer; files stored in that folder are synced (and backed up) to Google's servers. The Google App for phones and tablets connects to your Google Drive for viewing and editing files. All Willamette Google Drive files can be accessed via a web browser at
  • WITS recommends using Google Drive. Your educational account ( account) is protected from Google's normal analytics and data mining algorithms. For that reason it meets FERPA and data regulation requirements; other internet based applications (i.e. Dropbox, One Drive, iCloud, etc.) may not be appropriate for storing university data.
  • Make manual backups of the most important files so you know exactly where the backups are at all times.
  • Know your data!

Further Assistance

Faculty or staff members please contact your User Service Consultant.

Students are welcome to visit the WITS Help Desk or call 503-370-6767 during regular business hours.

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