Equipment Lists

WITS equipment is for Willamette University business and academic purposes only. It may not be checked out for personal use.

WITS may ask you to check out equipment at the Help Desk in lieu of delivery for small items that are easily set up, like laptop computers, computer accessories, and cameras. If you need assistance setting up any of these items, please let us know. We may be able to make an exception. Any equipment request that includes an item we can deliver will be delivered in its entirety.

If you are interested in an item that is not listed here, please contact the WITS Help Desk at 503-370-6767. We may have a way to meet your needs! 

Equipment that WITS can deliver and set up:

  • Data cart
    • Includes data projector, PC, VCR/DVD player, cart, cables, and remotes
  • Sound equipment
    • Portable PA systems
    • Wired and wireless microphones
    • Other sound equipment (amplifiers, mic stands, mixer, speakers...)
  • CD and DVD/VHS players (including region-free and PAL players)
  • Data projectors
  • Data projector and laptop (PC or Mac) combo units
  • Document cameras
  • Easels/white boards with paper pad, markers and eraser
  • Opaque projector
  • Overhead projector
  • Portable screens (various sizes)
  • Slide projector, dissolve, wireless remote, dual remote, tray
  • TV carts
    • Includes DVD/VHS and Blu-Ray players, plus HDMI and VGA inputs
  • Laptop carts (20 PC or Mac laptops)

Equipment available for checkout at the Help Desk:

  • Assistive listening devices
  • Cameras
    • Video cameras
    • Digital point-and-shoot cameras
    • DSLR cameras
    • Camera-mountable microphones
    • Tripods, white balance meters, SD cards, microphone adapters, and other accessories
  • Blu-Ray players
  • Computer peripherals
    • External hard drives
    • Card readers
    • Adapters and dongles
  • Laptop computers (Mac and PC)
  • Sound equipment
    • Personal belt-pack style PAs
    • Some cables and adapters
    • Digital voice recorders
    • Professional grade audio recorders
    • Computer speakers
    • Portable stereos with aux in
  • Wireless presenter mice
  • Audience response systems
  • Webcams and videoconferencing devices/accessories
  • Headphones
  • Almost any computer or device cable
  • Conference phones

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