About the Senate

ASWU’s Legislative Branch is embodied in the ASWU Senate. The ASWU Senate consists of twenty-two senators; each of the four graduating classes of the CAS are allocated five seats, and the ASP Body is allocated two seats. Senators are elected by their respective constituents in annual elections held in the spring, and serve a term of two consecutive semesters. Once elected, senators decide amongst their class caucuses as to whom should serve as their respective Class Whip.

Duties of the Senate

The ASWU Senate is constitutionally assigned the following responsibilities:

  • To investigate and report on any area of student life.
  • To propose legislation to serve the needs of the student body.
  • To levy and allocate funds of the Association and the ASWU Endowment.
  • To wield the power to override a presidential veto by a two­thirds majority.
  • To wield the power to override a Judicial Branch ruling by a two-­thirds majority.
  • To meet when called upon by the President of the Senate or President Pro Tempore.
  • To meet in an emergency session when called upon by at least two members of the Executive Board.

Senate Meetings

The ASWU Senate meets for session every Thursday night at 7 p.m., in the Kremer Boardroom of Ford Hall or Eaton 209; these meetings are open to the public. The ASWU Vice President runs these meetings as the President of the Senate. The ASWU Vice President also nominates a President Pro Tempore, who runs Senate meetings in the event that the ASWU Vice President is absent. The Chief Justice of ASWU Judicial serves as the Senate Parliamentarian, offering guidance and structure to meeting discourses.

Meeting Locations and Dates:

Kremer Boardroom (Ford 102): 9/19, 9/26, 10/31, 11/14, 11/21, 12/5

Eaton 209: 10/3, 10/10, 10/17, 10/24, 11/7

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