You never give up your beliefs. Even when it’s difficult.

You never abandon your curiosity, your courage, your tenacious and authentic heart.

That makes all the difference.

Because you believe that the best and brightest should be able to attend college, Sianna Moreno is still a student at Willamette.

As the daughter of immigrants with several siblings, Sianna has always been anxious about the cost of college. Finding Willamette, where she could have the life-changing education she dreamed about, while also receiving necessary financial aid, thrilled Sianna.

Gifts to the Annual Fund made that possible.

When the pandemic hit, it instantly impacted her family’s financial well-being. Sianna didn’t know what to do.

But Willamette was able to offer emergency funding, bridging the gap for Sianna.

Gifts to the Annual Fund did that.

The Annual Fund’s flexibility means that students like Sianna can follow their dreams.

Your gift gives hope in the darkest times.

Your gift changes lives.

Please choose to make a gift today.

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