Dempsey Environmental Science Scholarship

The Dempsey Scholars Program provides incoming first-year and transfer students with scholarships and academic support activities to equip them to succeed as future environmental science scholars and leaders.

Willamette environmental science students and professor in a forest


The Dempsey Scholars program values academically accomplished students looking to get a jump start on their career in environmental studies. Excellent applicants have a clear passion for environmental science as well as a commitment to civic engagement.

Dempsey Scholars are awarded up to $4,000, and must reapply annually to continue receiving the scholarship. To be considered for the renewal of the award after their first year, students must maintain a 3.3 GPA and declare a major in environmental science.

In addition to receiving a scholarship, Dempsey Scholars benefit from departmental leadership opportunities, like assisting faculty in planning and facilitating co-curricular department activities. This could include leading research, organizing field trips into the outdoors, completing projects in Willamette’s forest (Zena), planning an environmental film festival, and more.

To Apply:

  • Apply for admission to Willamette University
  • Submit the Dempsey scholarship application, including:
    • A response of 500 words (maximum) to each of the following prompts:
      • Discuss your interest in environmental science. Indicate your primary areas of interest and your academic and professional goals. Please include any leadership, service, or research experiences (current or future) that will help you reach these goals.
      • Please reflect upon your experience in environmental science so far. How has it shaped your personal development and academic goals? What skills have you developed so far? In what areas do you think you need the most work?

How to Apply

Please review all instructions for the audition process on this page before proceeding with the application.

Apply for a Dempsey Scholarship

Priority Submission Deadlines

Early Action/Early Decision Applicants: November 19, 2023

Regular Decision Applicants: February 1, 2024


Contact Dempsey Scholarship Advisor:
Joe Bowersox, Professor of Environmental Science

Willamette University

Environmental Science

900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.

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