Student Awards & Scholarships

We support and celebrate our majors with two scholarships and four awards annually. Criteria for these honors are described below.


Dempsey Scholarship

The Dempsey Scholarship (first-year award) recognizes aspiring environmental science majors who are academically accomplished, are focused on a career in environmental studies, broadly defined; are currently involved in on- or off-campus activities connected to environmental issues; and who have demonstrated a commitment to civic engagement. The scholarship provides up to $4,000 for one year. After a student's first year they may apply for renewal of the award. Consideration will be given to sophomores and juniors who have maintained a 3.3 institutional GPA and who have declared a major in environmental science. Dempsey scholars are also expected to assist faculty in planning and facilitating certain co-curricular departmental activities during their tenure. Recipients are chosen by Environmental Science faculty. Application materials will be made available early in the spring semester. Details about the Dempsey scholarship.

Webber Scholarship

The Webber Scholarship is available to female science majors who want to mentor and foster scientific curiosity in younger students. One awardee will be made to an Environmental Science major each year. Recipients are chosen by the individual faculty mentors. Visit the Webber Scholars site for more information.


Excellence in Environmental Science

The Excellence in Environmental Science is awarded each year to one junior and one sophomore who characterize academic excellence in the field of Environmental Science through their dedication to the subject, leadership role in class, and superb academic performance (GPA > 3.75). Recipients are chosen by the Environmental Science faculty.

Departmental Honors in Environmental Science

The Departmental Honors in Environmental Science is awarded each year for exceptional academic achievement among graduating senior majors (GPA> 3.75) by bestowing departmental honors at graduation. Recipients are chosen by the Environmental Science faculty.

Phi Beta Kappa

Phi Beta Kappa is a highly selective national collegiate honor society. Selection criteria can be found on the Willamette Phi Beta Kappa website. Environmental Science faculty participate as recommenders for our majors who meet selection criteria.

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