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Religious Studies


Degrees Available: Bachelor of Arts

Study religions across the globe and explore the subtle but powerful religious currents that run through our lives.

Understanding religion is essential to understanding the world. Eighty-four percent of the global population is religious, and every day, individuals and communities are guided by deeply held religious convictions. 

Our religious studies program will teach you about religions across different cultures. You’ll learn to think critically about religion, and you’ll come to recognize the pervasive influences of religion throughout history, in current events and in cultural expressions of every kind, from advertising to sports to politics.

You’ll gain insights into human cultures at a deep level, giving you a powerful perspective that you can apply as a leader and problem solver. Your knowledge and cultural literacy will prepare you to excel in a wide range of careers, including diplomacy, human services, education and international commerce.

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Information about Religious Studies at Willamette

Featured Faculty

Religious Studies

Stephen Patterson

  • Selected for the 2020 Grawemeyer Award, an honor recognizing the most outstanding idea in composition, world order, psychology and education
  • Patterson has authored or co-authored 10 books
  • Previous winners of the Grawemeyer include Pulitzer Prize winner novelist Marilynne Robinson
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